Hachem-Ruiz, Nelly   Created Hermina in 2016
Hakes, Stephanie   Created Vintage Bloom in 2012
Hammani, Randa   Perfumer
Han, Yosh
See under Perfumers 'Y'
Harmsworth, Sue
Perfumer (2000)
Harris, Lynn
Perfumer; born in Yorkshire in 1968, studied in Paris in 1992 with Monique Schlienger of Cinquiéme Sens; in 1996 went to Grasse and worked with Richard Melchio of Robertet: opened a perfume boutique Miller Harris Perfumers in Notting Hill, London in 2000. Also created Fruits & Flowers in 1996
Harris, Regina
Perfumer; launched 'Amber Vanilla'
Hart, Kedra   Created Satan's Angel in 2007
Hass, Doctor Frederick   Created Benedictus in 2011
Haury, Raphael
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Attitude for her' in 2006
Heftler-Louiche, Serge   Perfumer: created Miss Dior in 1947 in collaboration with Jean Carles and Paul Vacher
Herault, Jean-Christophe   Perfumer
Hervelin, Jean   Created Envol in 1957
Herpin, Richard
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Pure Cedrat' in 2002
Hoffmann, Daniel
Perfumer; created 'Adion Homme'
Holywood, N   Created #087 in collaboration with Stephen Nilsen in 2010
Hornetz , Christophe   Perfumer: created Human Existence in collaboration with Christophe Laudamiel, Orgie and 'La Parfum' collection by Thierry Mugler Parfums - refer to Christophe Laudamiel for additional creations
Horowitz-Thran, Sarah   Californian based perfumer; at Harrods of Knightsbridge, London in 2003, created Perfect Coconut Milk in 2012, Perfect Gardenia in c2005, Perfect Kiss and Perfect Love, Perfect Nectar,
Hourani, Rad   Created Ascent in collaboration with Christophe Raynaud
Hua, Cecile   Ceated I Fancy You, Asphalt Rainbow in 2015, Piège à Garçons in 2015, Eye, Hatshepsut in 2016
Huclier, Jacques
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Perspective Woman' in 2001 and 'B*Men' with Christine Nagel
Hugelmann, W Pit
Perfumer, created 'Chloé' and 'Bamboo'
Hurwitz, Dawn Spencer
Perfumer; of Colorado, Essence Oils and a higher end line, Parfums des Beaux Arts. Has developed perfumes for other companies, including Eau for Jules & Jane, and 'Boheme' and 'Cielo' for Napa Valley Fragrances (created in collaboration with Christopher Brosius of CB I Hate Perfume).
Hy, Michel
Perfumer with Roure, created 'Calandre'
Ibanez, Richard   Perfumer
Idier, Florence
Perfumer, e.g. created ' First Eau Legere' in 2000, B.Green in 2001
Isabell, Robert
Perfumer, established Parfums Isabell
Ivanov, Pavel  
Student of Auguste Michel, he was the perfumer of Novaya Zarya and author of many Russian fragrances. Vecher - Kamenny Tsvetok in c1950 - Manon in c1950, Manon, Vecher (Evening), Kamenny tsvetok (Stone Flower), Zhemchug (Perl), Kreml (re-edition of a Brocard's scent)
Jacques, Jean
Perfumer, e.g. created 'L'Or de Torrente'
Jambon, Jennifer   Perfumer: created Iunu and Lijang
Jammes, Frank   Reformulation of Musc for Carrement Belle Parfums in 2014
Jan, Olivia
Perfumer, eg created Rhumand In Bloom, Nelly Rodi Scent Factory - Parfum 2 - Rhum, Pompon Gardenia ,
Jantzen, Jacques   Perfumer; (1917 - 1978) created 'Cialenga' for Balenciaga in 1973, 'Ho Hang' for Balenciaga in 1971 and 'Command Performance' for Helena Rubinstein
Jaroslawski, Simon
A leading ‘nose’ active between the World Wars and the driving force behind Ybry, Fioret and Myon perfume houses
Jelk , Delphine   Created Amande Persane in 2010, Aubade Le Parfum in 2013
Juilliard, Emmanuelle   Created Oudh Sensuel in 2013
Jo Loves   Established by Jo Malone in 2011 - launched a range of fragrances
Jourdet, Sylvie   Maître-Parfumeur Créateur at Creassence, also the first woman president of the French Perfumers Society
Jovanovic, Bruno   Perfumer
Jouet, Alexandra
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Balmya' for Balmain in 2003 and in 2005 'Wish Pink Diamond' with Jean Jacques for Chopard
Jourin, Alexis   Brussels; registered as a perfumer in 1919
Jouvance , Daniel   Created Raiatea
Julien, Marypierre
Jung-Allegret , Marina   Created J’ai Fait Un Rêve Lui in 2013
Kane, Christopher   Created Versus in 2010
Kaiser, Roman
Perfumer, eg created 'Attar' in 1996
Kalouguine, Serge
Parfumer, created 'Olène' in 1988
Karl , Alexis   of Scents by Alexis. Created Cherry Bomb Killer - Rebel Angel , Cherry Bomb Killer - Truth or Dare in 2010.
Kashani, Hamid Merati-   Created Halloween Blue Drop in 2012, Essential in 2015
Katrantzou, Mary   Created Trompe L’Oeil in collaboration with Shyamala MaisonDieu in 2010
Kerléo, Jean
Perfumer Jean Kerléo was the house nose at Jean Patou from 1967 until 1998. Also the founder of the Osmotheque, the "living perfume museum" in Versailles. 
Khouy , Karyn   of Estée Lauder, created Dianoche Dia - Day in 2006
King, Raymond   Created Demi-Jour in 1987
King , Sarah Barton   of the Pink Room, created Untitled no. 4 in 2006
Kinnaird, Nicky   Created Space. NK. Woman in 2000
Klabin, Saul   Perfumer with Klabin Fragrance. Created JuJu
Konnyu , Jane   Created Twilight Woods in 2009 in collaboration with Harry Fremont and Honorine Blanc
Kosinski , Alexandra   Created My Land in 2012, A Way for Him in 2014 , Cheap and Chic Stars in 2014, Athalia in 2016
Krakower, Cecile
Perfumer, awarded the Rising Star award in the category of Corporate Fragrance in 2003.
Krivda, James
Parfumer, eg created ' Polo Sport' in 1996
Kulak, Akuura   Created Scarlet Letter in c2000, Witchfire in c2000,
Kurkdjian, Francis
Perfumer with Quest International, awarded the Rising Star award in the category of Corporate Fragrance in 2003.
Kurowski, Ronald
Created Happy Diamonds in 1986
Labbé, Sophie
A senior perfumer with International Flavors & Fragrances; eg her creations include Nina Ricci Premier Jour, Givenchy Organza, Hugo Boss Boss Woman, and Comme des Garçons Series 1: Tea. She was the first woman to be awarded the Prix François Coty for 2005, which recognizes the perfumer’s achievements
La Fountaine
Parisienne perfumer; Richard R Collins worked with him before starting own perfumery in London in 1936
Lage, Jean-Paul Millet   Created Cuir Fétiche in 2011
Lancesseur, Sidonie   Perfumer; created Incense Oud
Lang , Susanne   Created Untitled no. 6 in 2011, Woodlawn in 2006, Avondale in 2006,
Lapouza, Benoit
Laprade , Christelle   Created Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style: G, Hemlock in 2016
Laporte, Jean-Françoise   Perfumer with L'Artisan, established at 84b rue de Grenelle, Paris in 1976, created various fragrances : eg: Magnolia Pourpre
Latron, Camille   Created Rose d’Argent in 2000,
Latty, Jean-François
Perfumer; e.g. created 'Sculpture' in 1995
Laudamiel, Christophe
Perfumer with IFF. Established Les Christophs with Christoph Hornetz in c2011
Laurent, Mathilde
Parfumer, an ISIPCA graduate; a talented creator of such fragrances as Aqua Allégoria Pamplelune (1999), Guet-Apens (1999), No. 68 (2002), and Shalimar Eau Légère (2003); currently employed as a bespoke perfumer for Cartier
Lautier Fils.   Attributed creation of Lilac Blossom for Cussons Sons & Co Ltd in c1955
Lebeau, Delphine   Perfumer
Leet , Desmond Knox   Created Eau Lenté in collaboration with Serge Kalouguine in 1986, L’Eau in 1968. , L’Ombre dans L’Eau in collaboration with Serge Kalouguine in 1986
Lefort, Gerard
Perfumer; e.g. created 'Infini'
Léget, Paul
Parfumer with Firmenich, eg co-creator of 'Anais-Anais' in 1978
Lenel, Frances
Perfumer, established Lenel Perfumers Inc
Leroy, Jean-Yves
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Nombre Noir' in 1981. (d. 2004)
le Guernec, Laurent
Perfumer with International Flavors and Fragrances
Leonesio, Brent   Created Untitled no. 8 in 2011
Lepieux, Georges   Created Magie in 1949
Leporini, Angeline   Created Epic Woman in collaboration with Cecile Zarokian and Daniel Maurel in 2009
Lesquendieu, Parfumerie   Created Flimingo in c1950
Levi , Silvio
Levy, Ira
Lie, Antoine   Perfumer with Givaudan
Lim , Phillip   Created Collage in collaboration with Nathalie Gracia-Cetto
Lions , Jacques   Created Vanille Extreme in 2006
Lorillor   Created Florida Water in c1920
Lorson, Nathelie
Perfumer with International Flavors and Fragrances
Louison Libertin   Created 9 x 9 in 2010
Lucarino, Trish
Parfumer; created 'Piccolo '
Lubin, Pierre-François   Perfumer, established Lubin Parfumeur
Lucas , Stèphane Humbert
Created Ouris in 2010
Lutens, Serge   Perfumer and designer. Presented with the ordre des Arts et des Lettres as a Commandeur in recognition of his life-long pursuit of beauty and art and contribution to the art of perfumery in February 2007
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