Mabille, Alexis   Created Beau Bow in collaboration with Rodrigo Flores-Roux in 2010
Madame Zen
Russian born 'nose'; created fragrances for Lanvin
Maes Creations, Hubert   Indie perfumer based in the north of France, in Lille. Created a collection of three perfumes, each telling a story of a different woman, called Histoire d'Un Rêve in 2007
Maffei, Luca   Created Acquasala in 2014, Néa and Garuda in 2015, Secrets du Paradis Rouge in 2016
Magalhães, Carmita   Created Isabela Capeto in 2007, Olinda in 2015
Maier, Elisabeth   Perfumer. eg Batucada in collaboration with Karine Vinchon-Spehn
Malin, Sandrine   Created Liquid Karl in collaboration with Pascal Guarin and Bruno Jovanovic in 2004
Maillebiau, Isabelle   Created Osmanthus and Olibanum in 1988, Bigarade in c2009
MaisónDieu, Antoine
MaisónDieu, Shyamala   Perfumer
Majoulier, Serge   Created Womanity Eau Pour Elles in collaboration with Christine Nagel in 2012, La Femme Bleu in 2011, Prodigieux Le Parfum in 2012
Malléjac, Caroline   Created Encens Lavande in 2009
Malone, Jo
A beautician and skin specialist who launched her own range of fragrance, signature fragrance in 1994; also see under 'Houses'.
Also created French Connection Body in 1995
Mamounas, Nicolas
Mandelli, Mariuccia   Created Moods by Krizia Uomo in 1989
Maniquant, Danielle   Created L’Eau de Phaedon in 2014
Marano, Veronica Casanova   Created Jluxe in 2015
Marbet   Created Diesel Plus Plus Feminine in 1997
Marcello, Vincent
Perfumer; e.g. created 'Yatagan'
Marciano, Georges   Created Guess Woman in 1990, Guess Man in 1991
Marie, Amandine Cleric
Perfumer, eg created 'Bois' for Nelly Rodi, amongst others
Marlowe, Katherine   Sommelier, created Perfumed Wine Rosé in 2010
Maruitte , David   Created Décou-Vert in 2012, Salina in 2013
Mary, Jean-Pierre
Massé, Julie   Created Blacks Club Leather in 2014, Pivoine Suzhou in 2014, Salt Caramel in 2014, English Cherry Blossom and Si Rose Signature in 2016, Blueberry Musk in 2016
Massenet, Alienor   Perfumer; created 'Antidote' in collaboration with Pierre Wargnye in 2006
Masson-Mandonnaud   Created Ananas Imperial , Blue Orchid in 2006
Mateu, Rosendo   In house 'nose' at Antonio Puig, created Flore in 1994, 212 Sexy Men with Alberto Morillas in 2006, Mango Delirium with Elizabeth Vidal, and Pierre Wargenye of IFF in 2006
Mathieu, Christian
Matton, Cecile
Perfumer, created 'Marilyn Rouge', 'Valentino Gold' and 'Baby Doll', Valbonne, Josephine Baker in 2010, Paradise Bay for Men in collaboration with Serge Majoullier in 2015
Maurel, Daniel   Perfumer. Created Opus 1 in 2010, Shu Uemura 029 in 1999, Epic Woman in collaboration with Cecile Zarokian and Angeline Leporini in 2009
Maurin, François
Perfumer with Givaudan
McElroy, Maria
Perfumer; created 'Aroma A'
McCartney, Sarah   Created Pillow Talk in 2015
McConnell, David
Created Little Dot Perfumes in 1939
McConnus, Hilton
Perfumer, eg created 'Amozone' in 1974
McCoy , Anya   Perfumer, established Anya’s Garden
McElroy, Maria   Perfumer; created 'Aroma A', Untitled no. 5 ,
Medina-Baez, Adriana   Perfumer: created Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style: Music, Skulls & Roses for Her/Him in collaboration with Marypierre Julien, Villian for Men in 2011, Luck for Her in 2014
Mekdachi, Rami   Perfumer: created Hotel Costes in collaboration with Olivia Giacobetti
Merati-Kashan, Hamid   Created Halloween Blue Drop in 2012, Darcy in 2014, Essential in 2015
Melikov   Perfumer of 1940's
Ménardo, Annick
Parfumer; born in Cannes, wanted to be a psychiatrist; after studying medicine, biochemistry and chemistry, she discovered perfumery; graduated from ISIPCA; joined Creations Aromatiques where she worked with Michel Almayrac Perfumer, eg created 'Loving Bouquet'. In 1991, joined Firmenich and achieved her first success "Roma Uomo", followed by l'Eau d'Eden, Lolita Lempicka, Hypnotic Poison, Boss Bottled and Bulgari Black
Merati-Kasha, Hamid   Created Valentina Myrrh Assoluto in collaboration with Olivier Cresp in 2016
Meyer, Josh   Created LA: She Called But He Was Unreachable in 2015, The Black, The Red and The White in 2016
Michalon, Domitille (nee Bertier)
Michel, Auguste   Perfumer with Nóvaya Zaryá Fougcrcs
Mignon, Jean Charles   Created Yardley 1770 in 2015
Moliere, Daniel
Perfumer with Givaudan
Monet, Alexander   Created Paris: She Met Him in Secret in 2015, Jaguar Pace in collaboration with Philippe Romano in 2016.
Mono, Madeleine
Perfumer; launched signature fragrance in the early 1978
Moores, Elizabeth   Created Angélique and Anubis and Tabacco Rose in 2014
Moreau, Seguin   Blended Angel Liqueur de Parfum in 2009
Morgenthaler, René
Perfumer, e.g. created 'Hamptons' and 'Sheer Obsession'
Morillas, Alberto
Parfumer of Spanish by descent, Alberto Morillas was born in Seville in 1950. Self-trained in the art of perfumery, he started at Firmenich in 1971 and was named Perfumer in 1977; earned the prestigious honor and title of Master Perfumer in 1998. Livies in Geneva; highly successful fragrance collaborations with Yves Saint Laurent, Thierry Mugler, Kenzo, Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren, The Estée Lauder Companies, Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels and Lanvin.The winner of the Prix François Coty in 2003
Morozova, Tatyana Maximovna
Began her career at the age of 17 as a soap packer in the New Dawn Perfume Factory in Moscow (Nóvaya Zaryá). In 1937 she was director of this establishement but very soon will became head of the Soviet Cosmetic Trust (TEZHE) when Molotov's wife was promoted to Vice Commisar of Food Industries.
Morsetti, Michel (Marcel)
House perfumer for Parfums Caron
Morsiani, Alessandro
Master perfumer with i Profumi di Firenze in Florence: created Brezza di Mare in c2000, Mielé Rosa in collaboration with Miryana Babic in 2006,
Müller, Arno   Chemist - perfumer worked between the 2 wars at Heine & Co., Allendorff and finally was the perfumer of Usines Allondon.
Murraciole, Vanina   Created L'Art de la Guerre in 2014
Ancient Roman perfumers
Nagel, Christine
Perfumer with Quest International, whose creations include the Armani Privé Ambre Soie, Thierry Mugler B*Men (with Jacques Huclier), Mauboussin Histoire d’Eau Topaz, Cartier Eau de Cartier, Narciso Rodriguez for Her (with Francis Kurkdjian), Fendi Theorem and Guerlain With Love.
Nardin, Mathieu   of Robertet created Eau des Bienfaits in 2012, Kenneth Cole Blue in 2015, Vetiver Insolent and Lucky Wish in 2016
Nassif, Nadia
Parfumer; launched a range of fragrances under the 'L'Orientaliste' banner
Narvill & Co., Lennard Lee
Yorkshire, registered perfumers in 1944
Negrin, Pierre
Perfumer; created 'Ralph Hot'
Nejman, Geoffrey   Created Akowa in collaboration with Jean-Claude Astier in 2015
Ness, Geir
Created Laila in 1995,
Newbegin, Hall
Established Juniper Ridge, a perfumer, launched Caruthers Canyon Backpacker’s Cologne and Siskiyou Backpacker’s Cologne in 2013
Newton, Peggy   Created Slightly Wicked in 1949
Niel, Jean-Charles   Senior perfumer at IFF. Created XO for men in 2006, Be Givenchy in 2009, Botanical Essence No1 in 2009, Gold Bouquet in 2010,
Nilsen, Stephen   Perfumer;
Noble, H
Perfumer, of Paris, launched 'Essence Concentrée' in c1910
Nyberg, Véronique
Oelkers, Egon   Created Fuoco Infernale in 2010
Olivieri , Fabrice   Created Lady Shiloh in 2008, Shiloh X in 2011
Owen, Susan D
Perfumer; created 'Child'
Owen, William
A perfumer of London
Paparella, Philippe     of Paris. Created Wolfsbane in 2016
Parrott, Mike  
Created Empressa in 2014
Pained, Edward
A perfumer and purveyor of soap and toiletries; traded under own name, active in London in the late 1880’s and early 1900’s
Pallix, Martine   Perfumer with IFF; co-created Ombre d'Or in collaboration with Nathalie Lorson in 1994, Odeur 53 in collaboration with Anne Sophie Chapuis in 1998,
Paparella-Paris , Phillipe   Perfumer with Symrise, eg created N°3 Henrik Vibskov in 2008, Six-Scents Series One: No 4
Parquet, Paul
Perfumer e.g. created 'Le Parfums Ideal', 'Chantilly' and 'Cœur de Jeannette' for Houbigant
Pellegrin, Fabrice
Perfumer with Symrise, eg created 'Cardamome' for Nelly Rodi
Pellégrino, Roger
Perfumeur with Firmenich; created 'Nocturnes de Caron' in 1980
Penot , Fabrice   Created Live Colorfully Edouard Roschi in collaboration with in 2013
Percontino, Gino   Created London: She Knew He Was For-ever in 2015
Pescheux, Olivier
Perfumer with Givaudan
Petitjean, Armand
Founder of Lancôme and celebrated ‘nose’, created 'Tropiques' and "L’Air du Temps - Colombes Couleur"
Philippe. Jean   Created Intimate in 1987
Philippe, Roman
Perfumer; created 'Air Ways' in 1998
Pianelli, Valérie   Created Musc & Roses, Green Patchouli, Vanille Passion and Aqua Motu Intense in 2015
Pickthall, Azzi
Perfumer, eg created 'Agent Provocateur' in 2002
Pickthall, Michael   Perfumer
Pilkington, Linda   Created Ormonde for Man in 2002, Oriis Noir in 2006,
Gabai-Pinsky , Veronique   see under G
Pinaud, Edouard   Created Eau de Quinine in 1890
Piot, Dorothée
Perfumer, eg created 'Cacao' for Nelly Rodi
Piquet, Béatrice
Perfumer with IFF; created L'Instant Guerlain pour Homme' in 2004
Pliska, Anné
Perfumer; launched signature fragrance in 1987
Plos, Christiane   Perfumer with Givaudan.. Created in collaboartion with Cristine Nagel 'Mellow '
Poiret, Paul   Perfumer, established Les Parfums de Rosine
Polge, Jacques
Perfumer; born in 1946. Became "the nose of Chanel" in 1978. Retired in 2013
Polge, Olivier   Perfumer with IFF. Joined Chanel in 2013
Pologne   Created Jasmin Perfumy
Praysse, Andre   Perfumer. Created "Lanvin pour Homme" in 1933
Preyssas, Dominique
Parfumer; created 'Talisman'
Provenzano, Christian
Perfumer and Director of Perfumery at CPL Aromas.
Pybus, David
Created Heart from Ocean in 2005
Ver 16061