Radius , Odette Breil-   of Roure, created Miss Worth in 1977
Raubaut, E.L.
Perfumer, in Paris in c1920; associated with Gueldy
Raynaud, Christophe
Perfumer with Symrise
Reboul, Marius   (1873-1952) Perfumer with Givaudan. Recognised as one of the greatest perfumers of all time, famous not for its commercial fragrances but for the wonderful bases and specialties created for Givaudan and then used by most of Parisian perfumers. eg un Air Embaumée in 1912, Cetonia in c1925
Rees, Serena
Perfumer; eg created 'Salon Rose Potion' in 2002
Renard, Xavier   Created Nicole Miller in 1993
Rigaud, Jehanne   Perfumer, established Parfums Regaud, also created Royal Erasmic in 1923,
Rimmel, Eugene   Created Lily of the Valley in c1890
Rippert , Céline   Created Sea Rem in 2011,
Robert, François 
Son of the famous ‘nose’ Guy Robert; perfumer in own right
Robert, Guy
A prominent ‘nose’ from Grasse, his family owned a fragrance firm for over a century.
Robert, Henri
House perfumer for Chanel, Guy Robert's uncle
Robertet, Perfumer   Created Héliotrope for Etro in 1988
Robertet et Cie., P   Alternative name of Perfumer Roberet. Created Citrine in 1997
Rochas, Marcel
Perfumer; created 'Air Jeune'
Roche, Danielle   Perfumer. Created "Lei" for Parfums Armani in 1998
Rogeon, Marie-Hélène
Perfumer with Les Parfums de Rosine; created 'Rosa Flamenca'
Roger, Elie   Died 2010 Elie Roger was given a Lifetime Achievement award by the American Society of Perfumers in 2001. Created Ho Hang Club in 1986
Roger, Maurice
Parfumer with Roure; eg created 'Poison' in 1985 and Tendre Poison in 1989, both in collaboration with Edouard Flechier
Roellinger, Olivier   Created Epice Marine in collaboration with 'Jean-Claude Ellena in 2013
Romano, Fabio
Perfumer; created 'Pompon' in 1997
Romano, Philippe
Perfumer with Firmenich
Romey, Gilles
Romoli, F   Created Bizarre in 1925
Ropion, Dominique
Trained at the legendary Roure Bertrand Dupont laboratory before going to work with Jean-Louis Sieuzac, one of the perfumery world's great technicians. Today he's a star perfumer at IFF. An adventurer who abandons himself to instinct, Ropion is on a quest to create new, harmonious accords by pairing ingredients which are extreme opposites. His work is special because of the tension between precision and freedom.
Roques, Philippe   Perfumer with Symrise, created Six-Scents Series one: No 5: Illicit Sex in 2008
Roschi , Edouard   of Le labo, Created Live Colorfully in collaboration with Fabrice Penot in 2013
Rothschild, Frances   Created Avanté in c1950
Rosenthal, Joel Arthur   Perfumer, established JAR Parfums, created Parfums Golconda in c2000,
Roubert, Vincent
Perfumer with Coty
Roucel, Maurice
Started his career as a chemist at Chanel's Fragrance Laboratory in 1973. A self-taught perfumer who describes himself as "an explorer wandering amidst his formulas," his style is that of a sensuous aesthete and his signature is a streamlined composition, in which he retains only what is essential. In this particular composition, Maurice Roucel intended to communicate both "seduction and generosity." Winner of the Prix François Coty in 2002.
Rouché , Jacques
Parisienne 'nose', e.g. created 'Le Trefle Incarnat' for L-T Piver, Azurea in 1897, Floramye in 1903 in collaboration with Georges Darzens
Roudnitska, Edmond
Born in Nice (in 1905) in the South of France not far from Grasse; Sent to the Paris aera to take over from a top perfumer of the company; he was essentially self-taught with no background in perfume. In 1946 he founded "Art et Parfum", a private creative laboratory for perfumery first based in Courbevoie (near Paris) then located in Cabris near Grasse, also his home, where he has been living until his death in 1996.
Roudnitska, Michel
Grew up as an insider in the perfumery world. Initiated by his father, the legendary perfumer Edmond Roudnitska into the art of composing fragrances, he later changed directions and worked as a photographer and video director. Since 1997, he's headed the creative workshop Art & Parfum, where he composes fragrances which adhere to strict aesthetic principles and are inspired by his numerous voyages.
Rouet, Giles   of Quest International. Created Eau Vive in 1995
Rühland, Ineke
Born in Canada and studied perfumery at ISIPCA and Grasse, established 'Ineke', also created C ~ Chemical Bonding in 2006
Sabas, Caroline
Salamagne, Marie   Perfumer; created 'Miss Sixty Elixer' in 2006
Salimpour, Symine   Created Shiloh in collaboration with Michel Roudnitska in 2007
Sand, George
Perfumer, created 'Queen Margot'
Santorini, Jean-Michel   Created Terryfic Oud in 2013
Saramito, Michele
Perfumer. Created Opus 11 in 2010
Sender, Ayala   Perfumer established Ayala Moriel Parfums
Sersale, Marina   Created Jardin du Poete in collaboration with Sebastian Alvarez and Bertrand Duchaufour in 2011
Subrenat, Jean-Pierre
Perfumer, created 'C’est Moi'
Scartezzini, Enrico   Created Autour de l’iris in 2009
Schoen, Geza
Perfumer with Creative Perfumers
Schwartz, Sarah   Created Pure Deceit, Beauty Ravish, Lucid Agony,
Schweiger, Ralf
Perfumer with Givaudan
Schlitter , Brett   Created Eau de Tommi Sooni I in 2011
Cairo, perfumer, used Czechoslovakian glass
Shaller, Maurice
Famous Parisian 'nose' on the 1920 and 1930's
Shaller, Vincent   Perfumer
Sheldrake, Christopher
Perfumer with Quest International; e.g. created fragrances for Parfums-Beauté Serge Lutens. On 1st December 2005 appointed director of research and development for Chanel in its fragrance division, reporting to in-house perfumer Jacques Polge but still continues to creat for Surge Lutens
Shinma, Miya
Studied perfumery in France before launching her own line. She now teaches perfumery in Japan; launched 'Sakura' in 2005
Sieuzac, Jean-Louis
Sieuzac, Lucas   Won the Rising Star Award from Fashion Group International in 2004.
Slatkin, Harry   Created Black Fig and Absinthe
Slimane, Heidi   Created Dior Homme Cologne Blanche in collaboration with rancis Kurkdjian in 2004
Soliani , Hilde   Created Untitled no. 7 in 2011
Spaeth, Jean   Created Gem in collaboration with Roger Pellégrino in 1987
Spencer, Hugh   Created Ozwald Boateng Parfum Bespoke Pour Femme in collaboration with Bernard Duchaufour in 2004
Stenger , Christiane   Created The Beautiful Mind Intelligence & Fantasy in 2010
Storer, Michael   Independent niche perfumer
Subrenat, Jean-Pierre
Perfumer, created 'C’est Moi'
Suzuki , Shuji  
Perfumer, created 'Eau de Kasaneka '
Taylor, Brook Harvey-     Created Malibu Lemon Blossom in 2008, Mexican Cocoa in 2008, Sandalwood in c2000,
Tauer, Andy     Self taught perfumer, established Tauer Perfumes
Thierry , Delphine  
Titel, Ohne   Created 'M' in collaboration with Yann Vasser in 2006
Tonatto, Laura
Perfumer; created fragrances for Carthusia and Kerastase and launched her own range; in 2004 created five fragrances inspired by literature; Naso e Parnasso; Marcel Proust's Swann's Way; Gabriele D'Annunzio's The Child of Pleasure; Patrick Suskind's Perfume; Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray and Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary.
Todd Jnr., Michael
Perfumer; created 'Scent of Mystery'
Triboulot, Nicolas     Created Bugatti Homme Prestige EdP Edition in 2006
Turner, Louise  
Perfumer with Quest International
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