Vacchiano , Christian   of Argeville. Created Nina in 1987
Vacher, Paul
Parisienne perfumer (nose) e.g. created 'Miss Dior'; business bought Le Galion in 1937; died in 1975
Valeros, Emilio   Created in Aire de Verano Aquamarine in collaboration with Olivier Cresp , Quizás, Quizás, Quizás in collaboration with Carlos Benaim in 2007,
Valverde, Oliver   Created M.O.U.S.S.E. Part of the Illustrated Series launched in c2012, La Colonia in c2012, Resina in c2012,
van Alphen. Fritz   Created Belle Jolie in 1922
Vanore, Vera
Vannier, Anne   Perfumer: created Les Amours du Taj-Mahal, Les Impératrices Japonaises, Les Maîtresses de Louis XIV and Les Grandes Prêtresses Incas in collaboration with Pierre Bourdon
Vasnier, Yann
Perfumer, born in Brittany, France; trained the ISIPCA (Institut Supérieur International du Parfum, de la Cosmétique et de l'Aromatique Alimentaire, a prestigious perfume school located in Versailles, France). Joined Quest International in 199 and promoted to their Fine Fragrance division in 2004; one of his creations was 'L’âme Sœur'
Véga, Rayda
Verspoor , Kevin   Created Odin 01 Nomad and Odin 03 Century both in 2009,
Vibskov, Henrik   Created Solar Donkey Power in collaboration with Louise Turner in 2009
Vidal, Lino   Created Pine Sylvestre in 1955
Videault, Sandrine   Perfumer- created 'Ambré Indien' and 'La Rose de Carole Bouquet' ,The Kypi in c2000, Manoumalia in 2009, Died in c2013
Villoresi, Lorenzo
A Florentine perfumer, officially opened his house in 1990, with the line currently including 15 fragrances (2005). (Still to be indentified; 2006)
Vinals, Carlos
Vinchon-Spehn, Karine   Perfumer
Vincent, Roubert   Perfumer with François Coty
Voelkl, Frank
Perfumer with Symrise
vom Ende, Marc  
Created Aus Liebe Zum Duft No. 1. and No 1 Extreme
Waldman , Matthew  
Created Nooka incollaboration with Pierre-Constantin Guéros in 2009
Wandel, Ursula
Perfumer; e.g. created 'Adidas 3 Extreme pour elle'
Wargnye, Pierre
Perfumer; e.g. created 'Contradiction for men'
Wasser, Thierry  
Perfumer, born in Laussane, Switzerland, on the Lake of Geneva, attended the Givaudan Perfumery School in Geneva; became a Junior Perfumer at twenty four; promoted to Perfumer; was sent to Givaudan in Paris. In 1994, moved to New York City and joined Firmenich International Fine Fragrance Center as a fine fragrance Perfumer; has created fragrances in partnership with Dior, Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Liz Claiborne, Mary Kay, Avon, Bath & Body Works and the GAP. In June 2008 Guerlain appointed him the permanent in house nose - the first time in it's history that a non-family member is the in-house perfumer
Wilson-de-Roze, Karen   Perfumer with Coty, created Quiddity Cool Spell - Quiddity Dark Fire - Quiddity Riot all in 1997
Winnegard, Ron
Parfumer and Director of the IFF Perfumery School in New York City.
Woollam , Louise   Created Paradoc in 2015
Wulff, Pierre
Created Gant by Gant in collaboration with Jerome Epinette in 2011, Côte d’Azur and Silver Pearl with Jerome Epinette in 2014
Yosh Han
Perfumer of San Francisco, The Chinese character for Yosh means "fragrant." Yosh Han began her perfuming career in 1994, when she walked into a boutique in Aspen, Colorado. Launched 'Stargazer 7.71' , Opening Night in 2004,
Zarokian, Cecile   Created Mon Nom Est Rouge in 2013, Epic Woman in collaboration with Daniel Maurel and Angeline Leporiniin 2009, Private Label in 2011, Aqua Sextius in 2014, Only for Him in 2014, Cio Cio San in 2015
Zen, Madame
Russian born 'nose'; probably a former Brocard employee; worked for the famous Gabilla perfumery; created fragrances for Lanvin. Proper name Maria Zède
Zoebelein, Barbara
Perfumer with Drom International, createdBenetton Cumbia Colors for men (2005),, Avon Today Tomorrow Always for Men
Zoebelein, Barbara
Perfumer with Drom International, created Today Tomorrow Always for Men , Cumbia Colors for men in 2005,
Zorn, Liz Perfumer established Soivohle'
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