Cumming, Allan   Actor, in association with Christopher Brosius of CB I Hate Perfumes; launched Cummings in 2004, Cumming Wild Tyme in 2006 and 2nd (Alan) Cumming in 2011 and The Fragrance
Cumming & Parson  UK London; launched Aux Fleurs in association with Richard Hudnut in c1940
Cumnact  Ireland Launched Bein-leaf
Curico, V J  USA New Jersey; launched Lilac in 1926
Curiel, Raffaella   Launched Curiel in 1990 and Raffaella Curiel in 1996
Curran, Alex   Launched Alex in 2007
Currara Comindex (P.Z.)   Launched Currara
Curta   Launched Jade
Curtis & Co  UK 48 Baker Street, London; active in late 19th century; launched a range of fragrances in c1890
Curtis, Hélène   Launched Flash, Magic Secret and Magic Street in 1960
Curtis, JK Hélène   Launched Park Avenue, Premium AfterShave, Premium Cajole, Presmium Extacy, Premium Surrender and Premium Volare
Cussons Sons & Co Ltd UK Manchester; purveyors of luxury toiletries, cosmetics and fragrances, also own Bayleys; also see 'Imperial Leather' in Volune 'HI'
Cutler & Co, M B    Boston, Mass; launched Rose Attar in 1880 
Custo Barcelona Spain Launched 'Custo' in 2008, Custo Man in 2009, Blue Wind in 2012, Enjoy Custo Barcelona Man and Enjoy Custo Barcelona Woman in 2013, Custo Woman L’Eau in 2014, all in association with Idesa
Cyas-Écosse Scotland Dundee; launched Struan Heather in c1950
Cyber, Maisón    4-place de l’Opera, Paris; launched Cybera de Cyber and Moi Meme de Cyber in 1925
Cyclax & Co  UK Bond Street, London; launched Gay Chiffon, La Cinquiéme Nuit, Nuit d'Or, Cyclax and Whispering
Cyrillus   Fashion and lifestyle brand , launched Eau Fraîche, a unisex fragrance to celebrate its 30th anniversary, in 2007.
Crystal, David   Launched Above All and Cheerio in 1942
Cyrita   Launched 'Suggestions'
Czech & Speake UK Maker of luxury bathroom fixtures - a Gentleman’s perfumer line established by Frank Sawkins in London in 1979, a designer in partnership with Shirley Brody a perfumer  launched first fragrance in 1981
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