La Perla, Les Parfums
Originally called Bardin et Cie; established at 35 boulevard des Capucines, Paris; changed name after 1920.
La Phini
Launched fragrances each accompanied by a different artificial flower - Perfume Flower - Boutton de Rose, Perfume Flower - Rose and Perfume Flower - Tulipe
La Prairie
Clinic La Prairie of Monocrats; launched signature fragrance 'La Prairie' in 1993
La Première
Launched Lily of the Valley in c1890
La Pura Laboratories
Summit St, Toledo; launched La Pura
La Rae, Parfumerie
New York, launched Narcisse in c1930
La Razon
Amsterdam; launched Parfum Egyptienne in 1960
La Reine Camille
New York; launched Lily Celeste, Rose Celeste and Violet Celeste c1900
La Reine et Cie
An English fragrance company with French connections, active in the early 1900’s, acquired by Boots the Chemist of England. Launched La Reine de la Neige in 1910
La Rosario
Launched Aromas de la Tierruca in 1924
La Salle Products Inc
St Paul, Minnesota; launched June Night and other fragrances in associated with D'Ciny, also Sinykin
La Société Parfumeurs Parisien
Established by Marcel Guerlain in Paris
La Société Parisienne de Verrières
France, merged with C Depinoix et Fils in 1936, launched June Night in 1936
La Source Parfumée
Launched fragrances
La Sultane de Saba   French spa and beauty brand dedicated to recreating the pleasures of the hammam at home and at their spa locations, launched their debut fragrance Ambre, Musc et Santal in 2011, Champaka Fleurs and Santal Ancestral for Men in 2014
La Tentatrice Perfume
A division of Webster; launched La Tentatrice in 1928
La Val Creux, Parfumerie du
Established by Isnard Mauber in Grasse, France in 1826; solid perfumes since 1935
La Valliere Co
Established by Finlay Dicks & Co of New Orleans; launched a fragrance in 1910
La Verne Beauty Products
New York; launched a fragrance in 1925
La Via del Profumo
Natural perfumes, attars and aromatherapy products - launched Balsamo della Mecca in 2010, Milano Caffè in c2012 and Venezia Giardini Segreti in 2013, Il Giglio di Firenze and Sensemilla in 2016.
La Viola, Claudio
Launched Lettera da Eau de Parfum
Labern & Son, H.
Established at Bouverie St, London in 1841; launched Flower of France and Ruddy Burgundy in c1890
The colognes - Ernesto and Hugo - were unveiled on Thursday (25th September 2014) by state a laboratory in the capital, Havana. Were in the process of developing stylised bottles and labels for the products before putting them on sale in Cuba and overseas but were banned in September 2014 by the Cubian Government.
Laboissiere   Paris. Launched Violette, Jasmin and Rose Imperiale in c1985
Laboratoire C.I.V.A.L.
Paris, launched a fragrance in 1946
Laboratoire de Parfums Nus
Paris; launched Nuit Mauresque in 1933
Laboratoires Baril
France; launched Naïssance de Venus in 1945
Laboratoire Scientifique
81 Litchfield Grove, Finchely, London; launched Okolo in 1925
Laboratories Claireval   Launched Eau de Roses in c1890
Laboratoires des Produits Radiances
Established by Georges Herman in 1913; associated with Ramey
Laboratories Sarbec   Launched Alizia, Ocean and Samoa in 1995
Laboratoire Scharmouche   Launched Jabli in 1946
Laboratoire Sklean   Launched Mahogani Amber Intense
Laboratorio Olfattivo
Niche line from the Rome-based niche perfume store of the same name; debuted with four fragrances in 2010
Lacan, The House of
Curacao, Netherlands Antilles; launched Breath of Spring in 1961
LaCassian Laboratories
St Louis; launched Cœur L’Araby in 1917
Lachere   Launched fragrances in the early 1900's
Established by Jacques Lacloche at 8 place Vendome, Paris: jewellers; launched range of fragrances in 1954.
Established by René Lacoste; a French tennis star; won Wimbledon in 1925; nicknamed ‘the crocodile’ hence the emblem; Sports fashion house, launched signature fragrance in 1984.
Acquired by P&G Prestige Beauté in c2010
Lacroix, Parfums Christian
Parisian couturier and avant-garde artist; launched range of fragrances; acquired by Louis Vuitton-Moet-Hennessey (LVMH) in c1990. Bought by the Falic in 2005 and subsequently launched an ambitious restructuring plan. In May 2009 declared insolvency after falling foul of the global recession and “filed a voluntary petition with the Tribunal de Commerce de Paris to put itself under the protection of the courts"
Lacroix, Boris   Desinger; bottle for Madeleine Vionnet in 1924
Ladd & Coffin
New York; also known as Young, Ladd & Coffin
L'Adorn Inc
New York; launched a fragrance in c1935
Lady Aroma
Launched a fragrance
La Ducale
Established in Parma, in 1923; cosmetics and fragrances
Paris; launched fragrances in c1900
Ladvocat-Darquet   Launched Argeteuil, Eau de Nilnon de Lenclos and Fleur de Riz in c1900
Lady Caroline
Launched a fragrance of the same name
Lady Di
Launched a fragrance of the same name and Le Look
Lady Esther
Launched Cho and Rococo Cologne
Lady Gaga   Pop icon launched her debut fragrance 'Fame' in September 2012, Eau de Gaga in 2014
Lady Grey Perfumery
A subsidiary of Nonantum Worsted Co, Boston, Mass, launched fragrances in c1880
Lady Lillian
Established in San Francisco in 1875; created My Creation for City of Paris
Lady Margaret
Fort Worth, Texas; launched a fragrance
Lady Mary
Fashions, Paris; launched Lady Mary
Lady Milson
Lebanon Ave, Philadelphia; launched Lady Milson
Lady Perfumerie
Possibly of London, launched Chat Noir in 1920
Lady Victor Paget   Launched Lady Victor Paget Parfume in 1929
Lafayette, Galleries
Launched fragrances
Lafine (Ramee)
Launched Lafine Shower Cologne and Lafine Shower Cologne Fresh in 1983
Lafitte, Ed   Launched May Bloom in 1900
LaFrance Parcel Post Supply Co
St Louis; launched 'La Grande Liquid Poudre'
Lagans, E
Launched Nouvelle Suavite
Lagerfeld, Parfums
Established in 1975 by Swedish-German fashion designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld, born 10th September 1939 in Hamburg. After working for Pierre Balmain and Jean Patou begins freelance design in 1965.
Launched Chloe in 1975, in 1992 his own company was acquired by Dunhill, Chloe’s parent company. Fragrances produced in association with Elizabeth Arden.
Lagniappe Oaks Perfumery
Thibodaux, LA, established by by Lisa Webre; launched a range of fragrances; also launched fragrances under the 'Southern Perfumes' label. Have three lines: Jazz Ensemble, the Heirloom Collection and Renaissance Florals (2006)
In 2007, the business was taken over by Webre’s sister, owner of Bourbon French Parfums
Lahoud & Co
Caracas; launched Corazon de Oro and Gloria de Paris in c1918
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