06130 Zéro Six Cent-Trente
Refer to' Zero Six Cent-Trente ; Parfums '06130' in Volume W chapter 7 page 5 for details
2 Be 3
Launched fragrances (2006)
3B International
Launched Scarface Fragrance Collection for Men and Scarface Fragrance Collection for Women in 2010
3 Suisses   Launched Senteur Nouvelles
6eme Sens
Grasse; renown for its natural fragrance
10 Corso Como
Fashionable Milan boutique of "style guru" Carla Sozzani, established in 1991; expanded to include a design gallery, bookstore, restaurant, and a small B & B called 3Rooms.
Fragrance launched 10 Corso Como and 10 Corso Como Uomo in c2000
10 Percent Productions
Launched Ten by Intense in 2001
21 Club
Launched eponymous signature fragrance in c2001
50 Cent
Rapper - born Curtis James Jackson III - launched his signature fragrance 'Power by 50 Cent' in 2009
100% Love
Fragrance brand for teens; fronted by spokeswoman Jeannie Ortega, 20, a Latina hip-hop and pop singer with Hollywood Records, fragrance launch is a Web site, 100percentlove.com, where teens will be able to enroll in a points-based rewards program, play games, etc., launched 100% Love (for girls) and 100% Love (for boys) in 2007
1000 Flowers
Launched 'Réglisse Noire ' in 2010
1000 & 1 Seife
Established by Erik Kormann , launched fragrances
1528 Parfums
Established by Zero Otto in collaboration with Italian Gold-leaf conceptual artist Anna Carla de Leonardis, launched Or Blanc, Or Laune and Or Rose in Rome in 2008
1928 Jewelry Company
Los Angeles, California - launched 1928 Parfum
2000 Reminiscence France   Launched 2000 Ans D'amour
London. Launched fragrance in 2015
4711 was developed in 1792 by a Carthusian monk and then given to Wilhelm Mülhens as a wedding present.Or Mülhens essentially piggybacked on the already popular Eau de Cologne developed by Johann Maria Farina; and in a 1930 court case with Fred Mülhens over the rights to the name 4711; resulted in Mülhens & Kropff becoming legal owners; fragrances marketed under the 4711 Mülhens Parfum Fabrik brand; the Mülhens family continued to produce their family recipe into the 1990s, when the firm was sold to Wella. Ownership and distributorship of the famed cologne has passed hands many, many times over the past 200+ years and includes Mülhens, Mülhens & Kropff, 4711 Kölnisch Wasser, Yardley, Rheingold, R.J. Reuter, Colonia, and Richard Barrie Fragrances (since sold to Parluxe Fragrances).
In 1994, the company of the Mülhens family was bought by Wella AG, Darmstadt, Germany.
Since 1997, the cosmetics activities of Wella AG have operated under the name Cosmopolitan Cosmetics GmbH, but the name Mülhens GmbH & Co. KG is still used. In 2003,
Wella AG was taken over by American cosmetics giant Procter & Gamble. In 2006 Mäurer & Wirtz of Aachen, a subsidiary of the Dalli Group., takes over Wella from Proctor & Gamble. Also refer to 'Mülhens & Kropff 4711, Ferd' in Volume 'M' chapter 9 page 3 for details
667 Perfumes Inc
Creator of fragrances; e.g. 'Omar Sharif'.
1000 + 1 Siefe
A Berlin boutique established by Erik Kormann - launched August and Eau de Fröhliche No. 2 in 2013
20th Century Fox
See under Air-Val International - launched Anastasia in 1997
Ver 16039