QSLD OLd World   Launched fragrances
Quale, Jonathan
Launched Cologne for Men
Quality Products
A drug store chain based in New York; launched fragrances in c1940
Quant, Mary
Chelsea, London; trend-setting designer of the 1960’s; launched Havoc in 1974 , Mary Quant in1981 , P.M.Perfume in c1970 , Qunt by Quant in 1980 , Spring Blossom in 1964
Quartier Montmartré   Launched 'Jablis'
Quartz Molyneux, Parfums   Split from couture house in 1990 when his nephew assumed control; now part of Sanofi Group.
Quazz   Launched Jasmin
Queen Ann Co   Launched 'Lucky 7'
Queen Co
Launched Gardenia and Narcissus
Queen Latifah   Launched signature fragrance Queen in 2009, Queen of Hearts in 2010
Queen Mary Toilet Preparations
see Wanamaker
Queen Quality Perfume Co
Harrisville, New York; Launched German Roses, German Violets, Hyonga, Malmaison Carnation, Mel' Lotus in c1905
Quelch Co., Henry
Launched fragrances in c1920
Quenam (Pacific)
Launched Quenam Edc, Quenam Perfume, Quenam Root Edt, Quenam Root Shower Cologne and Quenam Skin Cologne in c1980
Quentin's Perfumes
Established by Ellwood B Chapman of Philadelphia; launched fragrances
Quest International
Second largest fragrance and flavouring manufacturers in the world, formed in 1986 by amalgamation of Dutch company Naarden, plus others and is a subsidiary of ICI and based in Ashford, Kent, England.
Acquired by Givaudan for SF2.8bn in November 2006
Surf and sportswear brand luanched signature eponymous fragrance in May 2008, and Hula
Quinlan, Kathleen Mary
Established pre 1920 in New York; launched After Drak, Flowers of Rain, Forget-Me-Not, Organdy, Rhythm in c1940; purchased by Corday in 1941
Quinta Essentia Signature Perfumes
Dedicated to the art of natural perfumery; established by perfume/designer Ayala Sender creates handcrafted perfumes from 100% precious botanical essences; has in the past 2 years Ayala has developed over 60 ready-to-wear fragrances, signature perfumes and perfumed jewelry (2005). Changed name to Ayala Moriel Parfums
Quintero, Joseph H
Paris; launched N'est ça Pas in 1925
A fragrance and cosmetic company formed by Boots the Chemist of England in c1900 , launched Cyclamen in c1920
Quinta Essentia
Line of all-natural perfumes established in 2001 by perfumer Ayala Sender
Quiromantico, Perfume   Launched Abre Camino, Contra Danos, Contra Hechizo, Levantador and Rompe Brujeria in c2000
Linfield, Pa; launched Garden Fragrance in 1937, Yule Love in 1946
Quo Vadis
France launched Origan in c1920
R, Parfums   Launched Romanoff in 1988
R. Expo
Launched Krishna Musk and Night Queen
R.H. Cosmetics Corp
Launched fragrances
R G Supplies
Launched Sweet Pea Cologne in c1920
R.J.S Laboratory
Chicago; launched Certified in 1922
Rabani Creations
New York; launched C’est si Bon in 1955
Rabanne, Parfums Paco
Established by Franciso Rabanedo y Cuervo born in 1934 in Basque village, with onset of World War II fled with mother to France in 1939.
Established haute couture in Neuilly, Paris, France in 1966;
Established Parfums Paco Rabanne in conjunction with Antonio Puig in 1969;
Signature fragrance 'Calandre' launched in 1969.
in 1986 Antonio Puig Parfums bought out Rabanne’s haute couture line only to close it down in 1999.
Rabasse, Mme A   Launched fragrances in c1930
Rabia, Abbas   Launched fragrances in the 1920's and 1930's
Rabin   Launched Liü Lugon in c1940
Paris; launched fragrances in c1915; also in Detroit, MI
Racco   Launched fragrance of same name in 2008. Web address : www.racco.br
Rachmann Bros., Mfgs
Haida, Bohemia, and Berlin ; glass and metalware, line of atomizers; early 1900's
Paris; launched a fragrance in 1957
Racour   Launched Gambade de Renoir in 1949
Radia, Theo
Launched an Eau de Cologne
Radley London   UK-based accessories company , launched debut fragrance - Radley London - in March 2015
Launched Rose Parfum
Raffin   Launched Caprice de Femme in 1927, Rose in c1925
Raffine, Parfums   Launched Ange ou Démon in 1922
Raffy, Marcel
Established in 1918, a Franco-American (1901-1934), of 156 East 45 St. New York; pirated fragrances; used fictitious addresses; e.g. 6 West 28th St, NY; also Parisian address; such as 82 rue Lafayette, Paris and 21 rue Beranger, Paris; was sued and went bankrupt
Raffy, Parfums   Known to have launched five fragrances
Paris; launched fragrances in mid 1920's
Rahesh Sandal Industries
Fragrances and flavourings
Rahayel, Frères
Established by Charles A Rahayel in 1901 in France (Paris?) launched fragrances in the 1920's; outlet in Brooklyn, New York; trade-mark was a child with perfumer's retort, reg in 1927
Rahmé, Laurice   Ex-Parisian, established NoHo boutique and Bond No 9 in New York - for further details see Volume B chapter 7 page 7
Launched Ambré, Chypre, Narcisse, Niska, Rakny, Sweet Pea in c1930
Raibault, E.L.
Established in Neos, Nice in c1920 , launched À La Guirlande de Roses, L'Or Azur and Monazur in c1920
Raibaud et Cie, Guerby   48 ave Neuilly, Paris; established in 1872, launched Parfumerie de l'Epoque in the same year
Rainbow   Paris Launched Rainbow Parfum No 1 to No 7
Raison Foncè   Launched Charme des Levies
Raison Pure
Established by Frederico Restrepo, a designer, in Paris, launched Grand Palais, Hommage à l'Amour, Hypmne au Sacre, Le Commencement in c1990
Raistrick & Co
Leeds Road, Bradford; launched Lucky Black Cat, a perfume calendar in 1922-23
Rajah, Emil
Launched a fragrance
Rallet , Haute Parfumerie   The re-launched and re-branded company, launched Aqua Mystique, Flou Artistique, 47 Vyatskaya St and Spectre Noir in 2013
Rallet & Co., A
Established by Alphonse Rallet (1819 – 1894) - perfumer, cosmetics and toiletry business of 4 rue Berryer, Paris. Travelled to Moscow in 1842 and in 1843 established a soap and perfume works at 47 Vyatskaya Street, with exclusive French management and a workforce of about 40 personnel , became very successful.
He died in 1894 and was buried in Biviers, France
Comapny acquired by Chiris Parfums in 1898 and was greatly expanded; by 1914 was a giant Russian industry, nationalised in 1918, re-named 'The Soap and Perfumes Works No.7'.
The Rallet factory and their French staff returned to France in c1918 and
Rallet et Cie   The re-established Russian business closed after the Revolution, in Paris c1918 . Reopened in the Grasse under the Rallet et Cie name, specialised in creating and producing perfumes for other perfumers and couturiers.
Sold to Coty in 1926. ; reverted to trading under the Alphonse Rallet . Closed (Date unknown)
Rallet , Haute Parfumerie   The re-launched and re-branded company, launched Aqua Mystique, Flou Artistique, 47 Vyatskaya St and Spectre Noir in 2013
A subsidiary of Elmo
Launched Lavender Body Oil
Rambaud   Launched Pour Son Ratour in 1924
Rameaux, C
France; launched Cieux d'Orient in 1924
Established by Georges Herman at 332 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris in 1913.
Associated with Laboratories des Produits Radiaces'
Launched fragrances in 1920's and 30's
Launched eponymous fragrance
Rampage   Launched Bfly, Blue Eyes, Butterfly, Ramage in 2003
Ramsès Parfumerie
Established by M de Bertalot with financial assistance from an Orosdi-Black heir, in Saint-Honore, Paris, (Societe Anonyme Parfumerie Ramsès); a major exporter to Africa and the Far East (Comptoir Orient Trading Co). Company folded after the Ernest Coty convictions, name and lower quality products existed till mid 1940’s.
Ramses Palace Perfume
Cairo, launched 'tourist' fragrances in c1930 e.g.Queen Nefertity
Rance 1795
Same as below
Rancé et Cie
Name resuscitated in 21st century by Jeanne Rancé and her son Jean Rancé, descendents of Francois Rancé who was said to have been “Napoleon’s favourite perfumer”; in Grasse, France in 1695; moved to Murano, Venise, Italy.
Ver 16047