Tetlow & Co., Henry
Philadelphia; a toiletry and fragrance manufacturer active in the c1900 (Ida J Tetlow, Clara Tetlow and Joseph Tetlow); famous for their powders
Tetlow   Launched Roses of Palestine
Tewi, Madame
New York; launched a fragrance in 1944
(Essentil Oils Trust) Moscow. Establsihed in c1920's. Used formulas of Rallet / Brocard and the old bottles still in stock. Later known at Nóvaya Zaryá. In 1935 were producing 55 colognes and 52 perfumes. Launched Extrait Magnolia de Soukhoum , Feast of Flowers, Karman,Mousméa, Cio Cio San, Prazknik Tsvetov and Kreml
Established by Basel Binjabr in 2013. Debuted with five fragrances: Noorolain Taif, Amber Room, Peacock Throne, Moon of Baroda and Carved Oud.
Thamras   Launched Violet
Launched a fragrance
Launched a fragrance
Thayer Parfum Antique Ltd., Jeromee
Toronto, Chicago and Paris; launched Black Jasmine and Narcissus in c1920
Thayer Pharmacal
Chicago Il., launched a fragrance in 1929
Theatrale, Parfumerie   Launched Mouches pour Bal
The American Depot
Boston, distributor; launched fragrances
The American Druggists
The American Line
Officially licensed fragrances for men in the US Military - launched Devil Dog (Marines), Liberty (Navy), Patton (Army), Riptide (Coast Guard) and Stealth (Air Force) in 2009. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to military-related non-profit organizations.
The American Perfumery Co
The American Products Co.
Established by George Lorenz of Cincinnati, Ohio; Launched Dream Girl and La Bara in 1917 and Zanol in c1905
The Antique Shoppe
New York; fragrances; late 1940’s and early 1950’s; associated with Rubicon, launched Cape Cod and Colonial Lamp in c1950, Tinsel in c1945,
The Art of Shaving
The Aubry Sisters
Established in New York in the early 1900's, launched Lilas de France in c1920, Muguet d’Amour in 1915, Fri Diavolo in 1949
The American Society of Perfumers
Based in West Caldwell, New Jersery
The Auzora Perfumery Co    
The Bacorn Co
Elmira, New York; fragrance manufacturer; active in c1915
The Beautiful Mind   Launched Intelligence & Fantasy in 2010 and Precision & Grace in 2015
The Bertie Co
Launched Intelligence & Fantasy in 2010 and Precision & Grace in 2015
The Body Shop
Established by Anita Roderick in London; bought name; a cosmetic and toiletries; all products are made of natural ingredients. Sold out to L’Oréal in 2006
The Bohemian Society
Los Angeles retailer of "High Art Garments, Accessories, Film, Skullduggery and Art Thuggery", has launched Sex Tape, their debut fragrance in 2015
The Bottle Company   Owned and license held by Mäurer & Wirtz (2009)
The Brocard Association   Refer to Brocard Association, The in Volune B
The Burlington   Launched Héliotrope in 1892
The Butchart Gardens   Refer to Butchart Gerden, The in Volume B
The Califorian Perfume Company   Refer to Califorian Perfume Company, The in Volune C
The City of Beverly Hills.
Refer to Beverly Hills, The City of in Volume B
The Clean Perfume Co   Refer to Clean Perfume Co., The in Volume C
The Cross
Refer to Cross, The in Volume C
The Crown Perfumery Co
Burlington Arcade, London. In 1840 an American, William Sparks Thomson commenced business as a corset maker, his son was a chemist and joined father in 1842; he came up with the idea of creating lavender smelling salts to revive Ladies who fainted as a result of his father's tight corsets. The Perfumery Company was established in 1872 in New Bond Street, London; first fragrance was 'Crab Apple Blossom' launched in 1865. Company experience financial difficulties in 1999. Purchased by Clive Christian Perfume in 1999. Specialized in creating individual perfumes for clients from a ‘library’ of more than 4000 scents, the largest in the world. Its clients have been Greta Garbo and Charlie Chapman; in 2001 it opened an ‘Haute Parfum Salon’ with the famous ‘nose’ Anthony Pettifer in attendance. Company closed down in 2002. Bought by Clive Christian - refer to Christian Perfume, Clive in Volume C
The Different Company   Launched fragrances from c2000
The Federation of Bakers   Launched Eau de Toast in 2013
The Fragrance Kitchen
Niche line of Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah, the founder of Kuwait’s Villa Moda department store. Debuted in 2012 with 36 numbered signature fragrances for “everyday use” and 15 more expensive “exclusive” fragrances
The Fragrance Shop
Refer to Fragrance Shop, The in Volume F
The Globe Specialty Co, Inc
New York; launched Arabian Blossoms, Bride's Bouquet, Cloth of Gold, Queen Esther Extractm The Globe in c1900
The Good Scents Company   Refer to Good Scents Company, The in Volume G
The Goth Rosary
PO Box 4613, Bremerton, WA 98312. Launched fragrances in 2002
The Great American Tea Co
Launched Old Fashioned Garden in 1925
The Herb Farm Shop   Launched Royal Purple in 1940
The Healing Garden
Launched a collection of 'relaxing and healing' fragrances. Acquired by Coty in c2010
The Hess Co   Established by Soloman F Hess in Rochester, New York in 1882; launched fragrance with the prefix 'Soule et Cie, R'
The House of Bryan   Established by Alexander Dubenchiek; launched Alessandra 1; not commercialy.
The House of Céline   Also refered to as Maisón Céline
The House of Creed   Established by James Henry Creed, born in London in 1740; opened first shop as a tailor, perfumer and habit-maker; created Royal English Leather in 1781, which is worn by George III and George IV. In 1854 firm moved to Paris to 38 avenue Pierre-le-de-Serbie; in 1855 awarded a Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria; also became official supplier of perfumes to Empress Eugenie and Queen Maria Cristina of Spain. Olivier Henry Creed, sixth generation of Creed perfumers born in Paris. The House of Creed has produced over 200 perfumes since it was founded in 1854, many exclusively for wealthy customers. The only family owned perfume house in Paris (2001)
The House of Fragrance
Established by Charles Richard Rutherford at Shelly Bay, Bermuda and in Fifth Avenue, New York , Launched Corsage, Fidelwood, Hibiscus, Lily, Louette Divine and Wild-Jasmine in c1930
The House of Jerine Milwaukee Inc.
Reder to Jerine Inc., Refer to Jerine Milwaukee Inc, The House of in Volume J
The House of Martin
Dime-store novelty manufacturer, launched Gardenia, Lavender, Sweet Pea, Flowers of the Morning in c1930
The House of Mem   Launched Mondain in 1947
The House of Men   Launched His, His Excellency and His Man in c1940
The House of Wembdon
New York; launched Wembdon Lavender in 1939
The Island Traders Co   Launched 5 Virgins in 1960
The Lab Room
Madrid-based spa established in 2000. Fragrances were introduced in 2008 with a collection of 4 Eaux de Cologne and 4 Eaux de Parfums
The Meadow   Launched Silver Rain in 2005
The Monks of Caldey Island
A monastic island retreat off the English coast; launched Caldey Island Perfume
The Morning After   Launched eponymous fragrance
The Motley   Launched Atlas, Bergamo and oud in 2013, Cyprus in 2014
The Organic Pharmacy
Debuted their Organic Glam line of fragrances in September 2010
The Party   Launched The Garden Party Wistaria in 2009
The Perfumers Guild Ltd   Launched fragrances
The Perfumer's Workshop Ltd.
Established in 1973 by Donald and Gun Bauchner, began as an innovative concept at Bloomingdale’s in New York City. The Workshop’s “Personal Perfumery” offered a superb collection of 64 essential oils based upon the simple notion that everyone, man or woman, should have a true choice in fragrance selection. Expanding available choices even further, the company carried neutral solutions of unscented bases for transforming the essential oils into perfume, edt, after shave, bath and massage oils.
The Perfume House
Refer to Perfume House, The in Volune P
The Pink Room UK
Launched Pour Toi in 2008
The Pink Room
Exclusive Manhattan boutique owned by Sarah Barton-King. Open by appointment only, the shop features scarves, shoes, and home accessories. Fragrances launched in 1999 with The Pink Room Parfum No. 1
The People of the Labyrinths
Funky' Dutch design house; launched 'Luctor et Emergo' in 1998, A.Maze in 2007
The Perfume Connection
A fragrance retailer with over over 50 retail stores throughout the country
The Powerpuff Girls   Launched Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup in c2000
The Royal Botanics Gardens
Launched Orchidelirium in 2009
The Royal Society of Chemistry of Great-Britain (RSC)
Launched Adamas in 2012
The Russian Shop
Launched fragrances in c1960
Theon Co., The
Established by Marcella Flaster in 5th Ave, New York in c1935
The 7 Virtues
An indie company - established by Canadian entrepreneur Glenn Brown and author Barb Stegemann, launched Afghanistan Orange Blossom in 2010, Middle East, Noble Roe of Afghanistan, Patchouli of Rwanda and Vetiver of Haiti in 2012
Theodore of Beverly Hills
California, upmarket menswear and evening-wear; launched Spoiled in 1989, 'Theodore in 2004
Manufacturer of Aromatherapy products
Thermopin Laboratories
Launched Sarong in 1941
Thesalia, Parfumeria
Established by J Sabates in Havana, Cuba
The Scent of Departure   Launched SIN Singapore and TYO Tokyo in 2012
The Soap Box   see Crabtree & Evelyn
The Salt Trade   Established in 2014. They are interested both in mineralogy and perfume and thus combine both interests. The scented blends also contain mineral chips described as "floating Salt-therapy crystals" to impart a wellness influence to the fragrances and thereby their wearers. Launched Black Ambre, Heliotrope and Jasper Santal
The Soap and Perfumes Works No.7
The nationalised name of Alphonse Rallet; see under Volume R' chapter 7, page 1 for details
The Sobel Co.
New York, established by Dorothea Wallace; launched 'Cosmetiques'
The State Hermitage   Launched Caravaggio in 2005
The Sum
Portland based body adornment / jewelry brand launched The Black, The Red and The White in 2016
The Sun
National tabloid, launched Buzz in 2010
The Tarrant Co
Launched Golden Sceptre Colognwe, Magnolia, New American Cologne, Tarrant's Exquiste Perfume, Victorian, Violet and Wild Rose in c1908
The Theon Co   Launched Allure, Constant Nymph, Scent o' Fleur pink Petal, Scent o' Life, Soirée and Whimsy in c1941
The Thymes
Launched fragrances
Theulier, Les Parfums
4 rue de Berneux, Montrouge, Seine, Paris; launched Kerria, Le Bon Œillet, Myrrh, Vieille Ambrée Eau d'Cologne in c1920
The Vagabond Prince
Established by the founders of the fragrance website Fragrantica. Launched debut fragrance 'Enchanted Forest ' in 2013
The Violet Garden Corp.
Launched Green Shoes in 1940
The United States & S America
Launched Tusasac in 1922
The X Factor   TV reality show. Launched eponymous fragrance In association with ScentUps in 2007
Thibeault, M
Paris; launched Essence of Jasmine, Jasmin, Rêve Embaume, Trèfle de Holland in c1910
Thierry, Armand
Paris, launched Armand Thierry pour Homme in 2001
Thierry, Suzanne
Paris; launched Beau Roy in 1958
Think Pink
Launched eponymous fragrance
A niche line specializing in modern variations on Eau de Cologne. Debuted in 2011 with three fragrances, Eau Monumentale, Eau Moderne and Eau Profonde, followed by Eau Inexplicable in 2012, Eau Nomade in 2013.
Thirion et Cie., Roger
Paris; launched Ambrodor, Chypre Royal, Mon Réve, Splendor, Tango and Très Bien in c1920
Thomas Manufacturing, W.W.
Cincinnati, Ohio; launched Maud Mueller Bouquet in c1880
Thomas, Gregory H
New York; launched Coronation in 1936
Thomass, Chantel
French lingerie brand, launched A perfume by Chantal Thomas in 2002, Âme Coquine in 2004, Et Plus si Affinités and Sexy Summer in 2005, Osez-Moi! In 2009
Thompson Chemists   Launched fragrances
Thompson, William S
London; launched fragrances in c1890
Tho-Rada, Societe Secor
Paris; launched fragrances in c1953
Thorpe, Ian
Swimmer. Launched Thorpe for Men in 2005
Thornton, Renee
West 47th St., New York; launched a fragrances in c1950
Thorpe, Jay   Launched Toujours Moi in 1925
Thurston-Helme Inc
New York; launched Thinc in 1927
Launched fragrances
Ti Amo
Launched eponymous fragrance
Tiel, Vicky
Designer born in the United States, established her fashion label in Paris in 1968: launched a range of fragrances in 1990 in association with Parlux Fragrances
Tiemann, Johann Carl Wilhelm
Berlin; launched Irone and Jonone in c1900
Tiffany & Co
New York Jewellers; established by John B Young and Charles L Tiffany on the Broadway in 1837. In 1940 moved to 5th Avenue and in 1987 launched signature perfume
Tiffin Glass Co
Ohio; launched Dancing Girl
Tiffs Inc
New York City; launched eponymous fragrance
Tigère, Pauline   Launched a fragrance in 1973
Tiki, Parfum
Tahiti; Launched Papeete Tahiti, Tiaré Tafanu, Tiare Gardenia in c1930
Tiki , Parfumerie   Tahiti; Launched Tiare Gardenia and Vanilla in c2010. Possibly the same company renamed after it's relaunch
Tiki Tahiti   Tahiti, launched Monoi Tiare Tahiti
Tilson, Max Edward
New York; launched Miniaturette in 1922
Tilyers, Carmel   Launched London Lyme in c1965
Times Square
Launched eponymous fragrance
Timothy Han Edition Perfumes
London-based niche line debuted with She Came To Stay in 2014
Tin Heong Chemical Co
Established by Geo W Wilson in San Francisco in 1915; launched Cantonfleur in 1919
Tino   Launched Cosma Cologne
Tiny Idols   Launched Tiny Idols Prince and Tiny Idols princess in 2011
Manufacturer of Aromatherapy products - launched Pure Skin Perfume - Jasmine, Pure Skin Perfume - Orange and Pure Skin Perfume - Rose in c2000
Tissot et Fils
Grasse; launched fragrances in c1900
Tissot, Jean
Launched The Roses of Scherazade
France; launched a fragrance
Sportswear and ready-to-wear line established in 1994 and best known for their feminine dresses.Debut fragrance, Touch, launched as a solid perfume in 1997 and as an Eau de Toilette in 1998. subsequently turned their focus to bath & body and home fragrance products.
Todd, Michael   Launched Swingle collection in 2010
Togstad Co., C.I.
Kokomo. IN; launched Charmaine and Mariet in the 1920's
Tokalon et Cie
7 rue Aubert, Paris, France; originally To-Kalon; Tokalon Ltd of London; Tokalon Inc of 38th St New York; launched fragrances in the 1910's and 1920's
Tokalon SA., Edo.
Launched Naif Eau Fraîche in 1996
Launched Adieu , Adios, Ciao Ciao , Donutella, Sandyand Siberia in 2011
Tokio, Kaya   Launched Narcisse in 1920
Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosité   A small niche company with a line of fragrances called “Parfumarie Curiosite” [sic], with complementary perfumed soaps.
Tombarel, Frères
Established in Grasse in 1840, manufacturers of essential oils; launched Essence Geranium Afrique and Essence Geranium Bourbon in c1920
The brand name of a couturier of Geneva or Paris; launched Eau de Fleurs d’Oranger in c1890
St Denis, France; launched Ange de la Nuit, Chypre, Eau de Cologne, Fleur de Tabac, Lilas and Malgre Moi in c1950
Tom Tailor   Launched signature fragrance in 1995 - last in 2005
Tonatto, Laura
Perfumer; launched fragrances from 2000
Launched Pour Dour
Toni and Guy   Up market hair salons
Toni & Tina   York-based cosmetics business that focused on color therapy, aromatherapy and positive thought. Established by Cristina Bornstein and Anthony Gill in 1997 with a range of nail colour and expanded into other beauty products, including a fragranceVibrational Remedy Fragrance in 2004 ; acquired by Wella's Cosmopolitan Cosmetics division in 2002; closed in 2005
Tonka   Launched Dazzling Dream Cologne
Toogood Ltd., William
London; launched Devon Rose, Devon Violet Essence and Gardenia in c1930
Top A Industry Development Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Launched Xiyan
Retailer launched Distel, Topman 16 and Topman 27 in 2011
Tor Manufacturing Co
Des Moines, Iowa; launched Recotor in 1914
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