Argeteuil.   eg. Soleil de Syrie in 1927
Akro-Agate   details to follow
Annebique.   details to follow
Bath Aqua Glass
Established by Annette Martin in 1999; makes free-blown glass (not moulded) including perfume bottle. Launched 'Copia' and 'Fortus' in 2005. For further details see
Baccarat , Cristalleries de
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A world leading Italian glass manufacturer; supplier for many years of custom-made bottle to Borsari 1870
Glassworks in New York
Bobin, Frères   Glassmakers particularly active between the World Wars
Bovis, M   Casanova in 1929
Bristol Blue Glassworks
Established by Jim Martin in c1985
Brosse. Verrières   details to follow
Carr Lowry Glass Co
eg Nobilitee
Cannes-la-Bocca, Verrières
Established in 1857, produced flasks in black, blue, greenish or white glass, blown then moulded, some with bear decorations in relief. Main clients were the regional perfumers in Grasse, Vallaurus, le Cannet. Closed down in 1899, victim of competition from large producers
Carlsfeld, Glashuttenwerke
Carlsfeld, Sachem; perfume glass bottle manufacturers; c1900's
Commercial Perfume Bottle Co
A mass-produced perfume bottle created as a container for a commercial perfume
Comptoir Nicois de Verrière
Renowned for its striped tubular (sample) bottles, e.g. for Rosine
Coty Glassworks
details to follow
Dannenhoffer, Verrières   Clichy, France; glass manufacturers
d'Argenteuil, Verrièrre   Glassworks
de la Bresle, Verrières   Glassworks; e.g. Lancôme presentations
de Nancy. Cristalleries
Specialist glass and perfume bottle glass manufacturers of Nancy, France; also known as Cristal Nancy; creased trading in 1934
de Pantin, Cristalleries   Specialist glass and perfume bottle glass manufacturers
Depinoix et Fils., C
Glassworks and trading glass company; established in 1846 at 7 rue de la Perle, Paris by Theophile Cœnon (1815-1888); and Constant Depinoix (1854-1936), early involvement in the perfume bottle production and design, greatly expanded due to association with London-based International Bottle Company
de Romanio, Verrières
French glass makers; c1940's
de Romesnil, Verrière Royale
Glassworks, established in 1776 by Jean-Claude Libaude to make glass plate. After many changes of management acquired by the Guignard and d’Imbleval families in 1898, perfume bottle production began soon afterwards.
Glassworks established in 1896 by Henri Desjonqueres; headquarters are now at La Defense, Paris; produced all types of glass wear but from 1924 expanded bottle manufacture greatly, merged with Saint-Gobain (see under S) in 1972
Flemington Glassworks
New Jersey; c1930
Glass Industries Inc
West 33rd Street New York; manufacturers of vial, miniatures etc, patented screw cap; log 'G.I.I.' (1944)
Glass Products Co
Vineland, New Jersey; line of blown perfume bottles; c 1937
Glinsky Glass Factory
Gribkov Glass Factory
Produced perfume bottles
Paris; makers of deluxe items, enamels etc (1900)
Heinz Glaz
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Illinois Glassworks.
Illinois; special feature was black glass (c1927), supplied the likes of Blooer, John Blocki, Woodworth etc
Iwamura, Alan   eg. Humanity in 2010
Imperial Glass Co
Bellaire, Ohio; established in 1901 by Edward Muhleman, with production beginning in 1904. Trade mark a Maltese Cross with flared arms, registered in 1913. Company closed in 1984
Jeannette Glass Co
Established in Jeannette, Pa, in 1989; trade mark a 'J' in a square; supplied for Richard Hudnut
Kostino Glassworks
High quality glass manufactures; referred to as the 'Russian Murano'
Lalique et Cie., René
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Les Applications du Verre   French glassworks active c1920's, speciality double, triple and quadruple crystal overlays
Leune, Verrières   French glass makers; often associated with Pautot for their silvered covered bottles; also associated with Langlois and Nogara
Limoges   China and glassworks; also launched the fragrance Limoges
Societe Cristal Linnerie (Glass) of Nanterre, France c 1920's
Magnum Import Co Inc
East St, New York; a re-bottling company active 1920's. Company closed (date unknown)
Maugenet   Alternative spelling 'Maugenest'; specialist glass manufacturers; creased trading in 1933
Meyer Glass Co., J P
Mount Vernon, NY; also launched a high quality fragrance in 1930
Of Czechoslovakia
Nesle Normandeuse.   A glassworks specialising in the manufacture of perfume bottles
eg Bouquet Lenthéric in 1934
Pierroit   eg Chypre de Îles in 1925
Pochet et du Courval
Established In 1623, , in the forest of Eu in Normandy France, established as "Verreries du Courval" by letter of patent from Madame la Comtesse d'Eu, Duchess of Guise. In time, "Verreries du Courval" focused on the glass bottle that would gradually become their core business. ‘HP’ the trademark
Quinlan, J of New York
eg Cologne in 1900
Raison Pure   details to follow
Richter et Cie., F
Bayern; glass perfume bottle manufacturers, c1900's
Riting Glass Factory
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Romesnil, Verrières   Also refered to as Cristalleries de Romesnil - refer to de Romesnil above
Roure Bertrand Fils   Launched in Grasse (France) in 1820 as a creator and wholesaler of perfumery raw materials. Founder Claude Roure had married Marie Honorade Bertrand, hence the "Roure Bertrand" name. Roure's trademark was a chemist's retort on a brick furnace.
Saint Louis, Verrières
French crystal company established by Jean Sala (1895-1976), few items, mainly commemorative perfumes
Saint-Gobain Desjonqueres
The specialist glass division (bottles) of Saint-Gobain Group; established in 1655 on the initiative of Colbert, to produce mirrors for the Royal Court of Versailles; merged with Desjonqueres in 1972. Recognised as world leader in glass manufacture and is among the top one hundred industrial groups world-wide. Trademark in a ‘SDG’ found on the base of their products. In addition to glass, the Group manufactures insulation, building materials, ductile pipes, containers, fibre reinforcements, industrial ceramics, abrasives and specialised distribution.
Schlevogt , Henry G
Czechoslovakia glass maker, also launched perfumes under the 'Ingrid' label, (1904 to 1984), married Hoffman's daughter
Scobart and Cie , A.   Established in 1875 in Vieux-Rouen-sur-Bresle
Shull-Goodwin Glass Company
Millville. Established by Fred Van Staden. Sold out to T Wheaton. See Wheaton Glass Co below
Société Parisienne de Verrières
Abbreviated to 'SPV'; established by Louis de Beaune at Boulevard Auguste Blanqui in Paris in 1889; glass manufacturer, merged with C Depinoix in 1936
Steuben Glass Works
Established by Fredrick C. Carder and Thomas G. Hawkes in Corning, New York in 1903; Hawkes was the owner of the largest cut glass firm then operating in Corning. Carder was an Englishman (born 18 September 1863) who had many years' experience designing glass for Stevens and Williams in England.In July 2008, Steuben was sold by Corning Incorporated for an undisclosed price to the Schottenstein Stores Corp. On September 15, 2011, Schottenstein announced it was shutting down Steuben's Corning factory and Manhattan store, ending the company's 108-year history
Viard, Verrières
Full name C & J Viard & Viollet le Duc; established by the sculpture Julien and his father Clovis, also a sculpture who specialised in glass creations. Julien started designing and making perfume bottles in 1915 (first trade-marked item 'Garden of Karma' for Dubarry reg on 14th May 1915). After Clovis Viard's death in 1927, Julien continued runing the workshop and in 1938, the company merged with its primary producer, C Depinoix et Fils.
Westmoreland Glass Co
Grapeville, Pa; produced some commercial perfume bottles, c1920
Wheaton Glass Co., T.C.
Established by Theodore Corson Wheaton, was born in Tuckahoe, New Jersey, in 1852. He received his MD degree in 1879 and three years later moved to Millville, New Jersey. Wheaton, he bought out Fred Van Staden’s share in the already existing Shull-Goodwin Glass Company in Millville. By 1890, Wheaton had bought out his remaining partners and renamed the company the T.C. Wheaton Company. By the 1930’s, the T.C. Wheaton Company was making perfume and cosmetic containers for Elizabeth Arden and Shultonin New Jersey in 1888; in 1946 subsidiary company formed to produce perfume bottle. In 1971 Wheaton Industried was formed and the company Wheaton Glass returned to its pharmaceutical glass roots.
Wheaton Industries   In 1971 the T.C. Wheaton Company and Wheaton Glass Company became incorporated under the name of Wheaton Industries: sold in 1996 to a division of Alusiusse Lonza Holding, Ltd. of Switzerland, in 2000 renamed Wheaton USA, Inc. In 2002 the molded glass operation was spun off as The Glass Group Inc., filed for bankruptcy in the summer of 2005. Its assets were purchased by Indian based Gujarat Glassn and Kimble Glass, a subsidiary of Gerresheimer, a German concern.
Whitall Tatum   details to follow
Zen Art Glass Co
Associated with Zenobia; manufacturers of perfume bottles etc