Chevignon, Parfums   Launched signature fragrance, Chevignon in 1992, Chevignon for Men (1992), Best of Chevignon (1996), 57 for Her (1999), 57 for Him (1999), 5CC (2001) ,30 cc (2001), 50 cc (2001), 100 cc (2001), Ché Parfum pour Homme (2002), Ché Parfum pour Elle (2004), Chevignon Forever Mine for Men (2009),Chevignon Forever Mine for Women (2009), Chevignon Heritage for men (2013), Chevignon Heritage for women (2013) ; part of the Bogart Konckier 
Chevy America USA The marketing arm of Chevrolet Cars: General Motors launched Chevrolet
Chez-Rellew USA Allentown and Bethlehem, PA; Launched Courle, Chez-Re, Chez-Rellew, Jasmin and Narcissus between c1924 and 1940; associated with Saussier
Chcago USA Fragrances launched in association with Coty Prestige
Chicago Mail Order Co USA Launched Lady Conceta in 1925
Chicca Collections Italy Launched fragrances
Chico Romano   Launched Chico Romano de Paris
Chieffo , Gabriella Italy of Lecce. Debuted with 5 fragrances in 2014, being  Acquasala and Camaheu plus 3 more
Chiemsée   A specialist outlet selling clothing and equipment for windsurfers launched Chiemsée Man, Chiemsée Man Two, Chiemsée Woman and Chiemsée Woman Two in c2000
Child     Launched eponymous fragrance in c2002
Children’s Fragrance   Have been marketed since the 1950’s
Chilvers, Linn UK Heacham, Norfolk; launched Norfold Lavender
Chimac   Launched Cara
Chimene - Temple de Chimene   Established by Lafontaine and Seedorf at 74 boulevard de la Saussaye, Neuilly (Seine) Paris in 1905; a cosmetics and fragrance house; launched Roseraie de Castille, Héliotrope , Violette de Marcie , Mimosa , Bleu Azure , Charme de Vivre ,Lilas de Tingis, Muguet d’Hanifa. Later acquired by Franciso de Matarazzo Fils
Chinois   Paris; launched Trishaw
Chini, Niki Italy Launched Baldoric, Barrage, Mon Ami and Mon Seigneur all in the 1950's
Chinon   Courbevoie and Montrouge, France; launched Happy Landing in 1947, Cadiz in 1953 and Cobalt in 1958
Chipie Cosmetics USA A sub division of Coty, aimed at the youth market: launched Chopie, Princess Chipie. Qiddity, Quiddity Cool Spell, Qidddity Dark Fire, Qiddity Riot all in the 1990's
Chiris, Antoine   Established by Antoine Chiris at Place Neuve, Grasse in 1768; manufacturer of essential oils and perfumes and is still run by descendants (2000) Launched Archimed in 1930, Orange Flower and Rose in 1912
Chiyotsubaki, Parfumery Japan Trade name for Sahara Co, Japan
Chkoudra Paris   Created a trio of Bruce Lee fragrances - Anger Blinds, Be Water, Don't Think Feel - which were launched in Panama and Singapore in 2010 before being released in United Arab Emirates in 2011
Christofilis, Maria     Formerly of Anthousa launched Fleaur 09 in 2012
Chloe, Parfums   Fashion design house. Their first fragrance, Chloe, was introduced in 1975 while Karl Lagerfeld was the house designer.
Choisy   Also known as Dechoisy; launched Gardenia in 1911
Chocolat, Hotel   Launched Eau de Chocolat in 2006
Choo Parfums, Jimmy UK London based upmarket shoe shop - Inter Parfums announced in October 2009 that it had signed a 12-year worldwide license agreement commencing on January 1, 2010 for the creation, development and distribution of fragrances under the Jimmy Choo label
Chopard Co., Maison USA New York; launched a fragrance in 1944
Chopard, Parfums   Established by Louis-Ulysse Chopard; born in Jura in 1836; one of the centres of Swiss watch making. In 1860 starts own business making luxury watches. In 1963 Paul-Andre Chopard sells company to the German jeweller and watchmaker Karl Scheufele, introduces jewellery under the Chopard name, followed by fragrances in 1991. Now part of Coty Prestige.
Choquet, Alice   Luxury fashion house established in the 19th century; acquired similar shop in Scotland, business became known as Choquet-Scotland was at 9 boulevard Malesherbes, Paris; launched Double Cinq and other fragrances from 1926; acquired by Gilot in 1946.
Chouky   Launched Harmonie, Rhapsodie and Tam-Tam
Chowdhury, Laelas D USA Chicago; launched fragrances Bokol and Hindu Rose in 1921
Chrismor USA Most likely of USA; launched Marie Mamour
Christensen, Birger   Launched Cheetah
Christian Perfume, Clive UK London; purchased the historic Crown Perfumery in 1999. One of their vintage scents inspired his first fragrance release under his own name, 1872 (named for the year Crown was established), which was launched in 2001. In 2002, he discontinued the Crown line; launched range under his own name, including No. 1 (advertised as “the world’s most expensive perfume”) and X.
Christianny   Grasse; producer of essential oils; launched Rose de Provence
Christie, Rosae   Launched a collection of solid fragrances from 2004
Christofilis , Maria   Launched Fleur 09 in 2012
Christy Inc USA New York; launched Christy's Perfume
Chrome et Cie, Commandite   Associated with Maubert
Chronister, Val H USA Decantur, Illinois; launched Val-O in 1913
Chronis, Christopher   Launched Christos Man and Christos Woman in 1998 and Cedar Wood
Chupa Chups Span The world's latgest lollipop (sucker) manufacturer, launched a range of fragrances in associations with Coty in 2003
Churchill Distributors USA Fifth Avenue, New York; Launched Apple Blossom, Gardenia, Hoilday Parade and Spices in c1940
Churton, Thomas UK Liverpool; launched Patrician in 1896
Chypre   Launched Chypre and Crystal
Chyron   Associated with 4711 Mülhens Parfum
Ciara Fragrances   Launched Femme Fatale in c1970
Ciccarelli USA Launched Dimensione Uomo in 1977
Cicek Turkey Launched Gizli Cicek
Cigar Aficionado USA Cigar importers. Launched a masculine fragrance in 1977
Cigar Fragrances   Launched Aficionado and Club Aficionado in c1990
Ciluzzi , Ralph   Launched Mondo in c1920
Cinch USA Launched Cinch Classic and Ninety-SIX in c2005
Cinderella International USA New York; launched On the Town and Rubaiyat in 1959
Cindy   Launched Fitting
Cinq Modes   A collection of spa products inspired by traditional beauty treatments, established by Jean-Louis Poiroux in 2000;
Cinquième Sens   Creator of perfumes, technical advice for professionals and students
Cioccolato Mon Amour Italy Launched two gourmand fragrances based on white and dark chocolates -Bianco Classico and Fondente Extrain 2007 .
Ciro, Parfums   Established by La Société Gladstone et Cie, originally an English company started in 1869; at 20 rue de le Paix, Paris in 1923; named after famous nightclub, well known for its perfumes, toiletries and cosmetics
Citra USA Launched Orange Blossom
City of Paris USA A department store of Paris, San Franciso, Ca ; associated with Lady Lillian; launched Parfum de la Ville de Paris in c1880 and Récamier in c1940.0
Claibourne Cosmetics. Liz   The Liz Claiborne brand was established in 1976 by Liz Claiborne, Art Ortenberg and Leonard Boxer. Their early offerings focussed on career clothing and sportswear for women. Fragrances launched in 1986. Claiborne and Ortenberg retired in 1989; Liz Claiborne died in 2007. In 2008, the licensing rights for all fragrances under the Liz Claiborne umbrella were acquired by Elizabeth Arden
Claire   Luxury fashion and fragrance shop established at 44 rue des Petites-Ecuries, Paris in 1924 by Rodney Wanamaker, member of the founding family of John Wanamaker department stores in the USA. Fragrances  launched in association with Coty Prestige
Claire's   Launched eponymous in 2006
Clairefontaine   French stationery brand  used by generations of dutiful pupils, launched a limited edition fragrance,   L'Eau Si Belle in 2008 to celebrate its 150th anniversary.
Claire Parfumeur Inc USA Fifth Avenue, New York; Launched fragrances: associated to Evenod Parfumeur
Clandestine Perfume   Launched Cease-Fire for Men and Screw
Claireval, Laboratories   Launched Eau de Roses in c1890
Claridge, Peter UK Launched Anniversary, Dual Control, English Rose Celebration, Smart Party and Evergreen Cologne in c1950
Claridge’s UK Luxury London Hotel, launched Claridge’s Parfum in 2002
Clarins Groupe   Established by Jacques Courtin-Clarins; added named 'Clarins' to his surname in 1978; born in Paris on 06.08.1921, died 23.03.2007. Cosmetics firm established in 1954. Now one of the world's largest beauty products manufacturer   Groupe Clarins also holds the fragrance licenses for Azzaro, David Yurman, Stella Cadente, Swarovski, Thierry Mugler.
Claris Belgium Brussels; launched Chypre and Rêve Bleu
Clarks UK Possibly of England; launched Brise Angelis
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