d'Argelys, Les Parfums Paris; launched Amante, Amour Sans Fin, Eau de Cologne d'Argelys in c1925
d'Argent, Loman Launched Chloé, Litchy and Ribambelle in c1950
Darges Launched Toi in 1920
d'Arguilla, Les Parfums Associated with Jean Florian, launched Amante (1920), Amour Sans Fin (1930), Eau de Cologne d'Argelys (1920), Rêve de Noël (1927), Carnaval de Fleurs (1930)
New York; launched Nina in 1922 Babiole in 1930
Launched Finitia Extract in 1911
Darie, Belleza Iréne
Havana; launched Rejane in 1949
France; launched Catogen
d'Arjantyl, J
Alternative spelling 'd'Arjental'; launched Axiome, Bouquet de Rose, Chambard, Mies de Oro and Sueño de Aristra in c1935
d'Arley, Guy
Launched Fleurs de Bearn d'Arlay and Santal
Launched 'Tijan'
d'Arly, Parfums   Established by Victor Vivaudou, a perfumer at 15 rue Royale, Paris in 1914; also in New York; producedperfumes, cosmetics and toiletries; both houses affiliated to Parfums Delettrez: launched La Boheme, lilas, Ninque, Violet, Jasmin Arly, Jasmin Rose, lilas Arly, Maiden France, Rose, Rose Arly
Paris; associated with Owl Drug Store; established a company in New York in c1935, launched Etic and Nacre in c1935
Paris; launched du Monde
Darnier, Corinne
Launched a fragrance
Hollywood; launched Hollywood Blossoms in 1929
d'Artagnan, Parfums
Launched Flamengo, Macondo, Scandalo and Tango
Paris; launched a fragrance in c1940
Darphin   Cosmetics brand - launched Eaux de Beauté in 1999 followed by Accents d'Arômes pour Lui, Bambou & Thé Vert, Muguet & Violette, Ylang & Vanille
D'artemon, Parfums
Established by John P Wilde at 475 Fifth Ave, New York; launched fragrances in c1945
Darvin, Christine
Launched Mod Touch, New Ego and New Ego for Men
Launched Spring Zephyrs in c1930
d'Arys, Parfums
Established by Dr. Lucien Graux at 3 rue de la Paix, Paris in 1916; a chemist and perfumer to the Royal House of Spain; also known as Arys
da Silva Cosmétiques, Diana   Cosmetics and fragrances
da Silva, Aparicio basilio Launched Rastro in c1960
Dash UK
Launched P6 Super Grail in 2002
Das Marken Team
Launched Body Guard
Launched un Ancien Parfum in 1920
Date Mate   Launched Date Mate 2000 Regular and Date Mate Sandalwood in 2000
d'Aubigne, Parfums
Paris. Launched Novelty – Extrait, Sceau d'Amour and Sceau d'Azur in c1940
Daum, Parfums
Mancu, France; launched Daum Parfume in c1930
Daumant, Kay (Katherine)   Launched 'Forever Amber' in 1945
Launched a fragrance
Dausse, Les Laboratories Société Anonyme
4 rue Aubriot, Paris; launched Nelombo in 1931
d'Auvillers, Jacques   Launched Cuirasse in 1982
Dauxoy, Clément   Launched Espionne and HoHo in 1980
Davenport, C W
Fifth Avenue, New York; launched Beau Geste, Molinelle and No 19 ; dates unknown
Daver Perfumes, J
Also refered to as J Daver Perfumes. Established in Paris in c1900; launched fragrances; posters by Leonetto Cappiello
d'Avesn, Pierre
French designer; e.g. 'Nuit de Longchamp'
Davet, Marie
Launched Blue Moon, Jardin Secret and Jardin Secret Bronze
Davette Perfumes
Paris; launched eponymous fragrance in 1925
David & David
Lisbon; launched Eau de Cologne Ambrée and Eau de Cologne Parisette in 1920
Davidoff et Cie
Established by Henri Davidoff in Kiev in pre-Revolutionary Russia, in an exclusive shop in an elegant part of town as a supplier of high-class cigars. Fled Kiev due to pogroms in 1911 leaving his business and most of his wealth behind him.
Settled in Geneva and again as a tobacconist, son Zino took over and in 1970 business acquired by his friend Ernst Schneider head of the Oettinger Imex group.
Launched first perfume in 1984. Zino died in Geneva in 1994.
Became part of Lancaster Cosmetics International - with merger with Coty fragrances launched in association with City Prestige.
Davies Gate
Launched Cameloa, Iris, Jasmine, Jonquil, Lilac, Lily, Seasild and Verbena in c2000
Davinci   Launched Davinci Uomo, DV8 for Men, DV8 for Women, Sport 2000 and CTC in the 1990's
Davis, Charles
Paris; launched Nilde in 1920
Davis, John
Paris; launched Nun Beta in 1878
d'Avray   Launched Brise Media, Chinios, Colannade, Marjolaine d'Avray and Muguet in c1940.
Conflicting information - possibly the same as below
d'Avray, Parfums
Versailles, France; launched Ambré, Andantino, Brise Media, Chinois, Chypre, Colonnade, En Revant, Marjolaine d'Avray, Muguet, Symphonie Amoureuse in c1950
d'Avril, Cecile
Launched Bamshell, Concerto, Daze, Event, Finale, Heyday, Overture and Valse de Fleurs in c1940: also see Ceda Distributors
Dawn Beauty Preparations Ltd
Conduit St., W1 London; launched the fragrance 'Lily of the Valley'
Dawn, Helen
Chicago; launched Helen Dawn Perfume in 1933
Daxon, Tom
Established by Tom Daxon Bowers, son of a former creative director at Molton Brown, debuted in 2013 with eight fragrances made in collaboration with perfumers Jacques and Carla Chabert: Cologne Absolute , Crushing Bloom, Iridium, Magnolia Heights, Resin Sacra, Reverie, Salvia Sclarea, Sicilian Wood, Vachetta and VSOP
Day Light Laboratories
St Louis; launched Y-Dalight in 1925
Day Off
Launched Day Off, Day Off Blue and Day Off Red
Dayan, Aviva
Launched Chutzpah
Dayenne Cosmetique
Launched No 2
Daytona 500
AAmerican motor racing speedway; launched Daytona in 1995
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