L'Initiale Parfumerie   Lyon and Paris; launched a range of fragrances
L'Aromarine   Paris-based niche line of perfumes and scented body products; launched fragrances from c1998
L’Artisan Parfumeur
Established in 1976 by Jean Laporte in Paris; with the declared aim of bottling 'the good moments in life'; manufacture of fragrances and toiletries. In 1985 Jean Laporte sold company and brand names L’Artisan Parfumeur’ and ‘Jean Laporte’, and established Maître Parfumeur et Gantier.
L'Artisan now (2002) it has over 400 outlets and 25 exclusive boutiques worldwide.
Aquired by Puig Prestige Beauty Brands in early 2015
L'Adorn Inc
New York; launched a fragrance in c1935
L'Air d'Or   Launched a fragrance
l'Argene   Subsidiary of Le Courturier Parfume Co. launched Le Courturier, Lis'n-Dear and Your Grace in 1951
L'Aromarine, Parfums   Paris-based niche line of perfumes and scented body products; launched Art Déco Rose, Fleurs Blanches, Flowers, Oceane, Téa, Tropique and Vanille in c2000
L’Arone   Launched Echoes in 1987
L'Art et la Matière   Quote 'A laboratory where each 'nose' can freely express passion for an original, precious raw material"; launched fragrances in 2005
L'Ary   Paris; launched Les Sevés
L'Atelier Bohème   Small Paris niche line of perfumes and home fragrance items. Established by perfumer Crystelle Darchicourt, launched Immortelle in 2006, Fil de Soie and Hélianthe in 2007, Cyclamen, Rhizomes and Tiare Moana in 2009
L'Aura Perfumery
Launched fragrances
L'Bel   Launched fragrances in c2000
Launched fragrances.
L'Eritas   Launched 'Foin Coupe '
L'Initiale Parfumerie   Lyon and Paris; launched Eau de Cologne and other fragrances
L’Institut de Beauté
Established by Victor Francois Merle with Elise-Marie Valentin le Brun in 1895 originally at 29 Place Vendome, Paris; a beauty salon, toiletries and cosmetics and perfumery shop; their products were sold in the USA under their affiliated company, Klytia label ‘Lion Heart’; later moved to 222 rue de Rivoli, Paris. Launched Le Jardin de Ma Mie and Ambré Celeste in c1925 Nuit Fleurie in 1919, Djavidan in 1925
L’Institut Fleurs
Launched Dianta in 2000
L'Orbele   Paris; launched Cavalcade, Doux Emoi and Souvenance in c1953
L'Occitane en Provence   French retailer of bath, body and home fragrance products; established by Olivier Baussan in Provence in 1976; the first boutique opened in Paris in 1986; launched their signature fragrance in 1996
L’Oréal Produits de Luxe International
The fragrance division of L'Oréal was established in 1909 by Eugène Schueller, a Parisian chemist, to manufacture hair dye; greatly expanded by François Dale in the 1950's and '60's. Nestlé took a 25% stake in 1999.
Today (2005) the company is valued at some £30 billion. 24.01.08 L'Oréal has offered €1.15bn for the shares of YSL Beauté Holding and its subsidiary Roger & Gallet, nearly twice the €630m in sales that PPR’s beauty division achieved in 2006.Under the terms of the deal, L'Oréal would gain “an exclusive and very long term licence for the use of the Yves Saint Laurent and Boucheron brands in the category of perfumes and cosmetics” and would take over the beauty licences for Stella McCartney, Oscar de la Renta and Ermenegildo Zegna brands.
The Yves Saint Laurent, Boucheron and Stella McCartney brands would remain the property of PPR .
In 2008, acquired the fragrance licenses for Boucheron, Ermenegildo Zegna, Oscar de la Renta, Stella McCartney, Yves Saint Laurent.
L’Orgue des Parfums
L'Orientaliste Parfums   Niche line created by the perfumer Nadia Nassif made in France, inspired by Morroco
Launched a fragrance
La Barfumeria
Niche perfume boutique opened in 2003 in fashion store La Rosa Que No Muere in Madrid; carries about 20 different niche lines
La Bara   Launched Lily of the Valley
La Base de Magic Helvetia
Niche line established by toxicologist Marianne Masshardt in 1994 launched La Base for women and La Base for men.
La Bastille
Launched Black Forest
La Bocca, Verrières   Names after a district in Grasse, established by M. Barthélémy, taken over by son-in-lae M. Négrin in 19th c.
La Borde Parfumier & Distillateur
Paris and Philadelphia; Launched Carnation, Jockey Club, Lily of the Valley, White Rose and Wood Violet in c1910
La Bouquetiere
Launched Violettes de Provence
LaBruce, Bruce
Filmmaker. Launched Obscenity in 2014
La Casa Francisca
Santiago, Paris and Valparaiso; launched Eau de Cologne
La Charma Co
Established by J.B. Knight in Tampa, Florida; Launched Aggravating Papa, Ding Dong Dabby, Four Leaf Clover, Pretty Mama and Two Time Mama in c1935
La Cie Rêve
New York; launched Midream in 1928
La Colla
Established by Joseph La Colla in Brooklyn, New York; launched Broadway Rose in 1920
La Colonia Algorta
Launched Agua de Colonia in 1930
La Compagnie de Provence   Launched Anis Patchouli in 2011 and Encens Lavande in 2009
La Couronne, Parfumerie
Paris, launched Brise d'Amour, Couronne d'or, Daphnys, Fleur d'Azur and Natural Violet
La Creole Laboratories
Memphis, Tenn; launched La Creole in 1930
La Croy
Launched Phéromone Additive, The Edge - Regular and The Edge - Sandalwood in c2000
La Diaphane
Established by G Mazuyer et Cie in Paris, France in the 19th century, affiliated to Ysiane Parfums
LA Dodgers
Launched L.A. Dodgers for Men in 2013
La Dore
Paris; launched a range of fragrances in c1905
La Ducale
Established in Parma in 1923; cosmetics and fragrances, launched Encens Lavande in 1936
La Duchessa de Parma   Launched Vera Violetta di Parma
la Farme, C   Launched L'Homme in c2005
La Finne
Hollywood; launched fragrances in c1930
La Fleur Laboratories
Cleveland, Ohio; launched Juvenis in 1912
La Floreal Parfum Sales Co
Established by Harry A Simon in Los Angels, CA; launched fragrances
La Foret   Launched fragrance of same name in c2008
La Fontaine   Launched Gardenia in 1928 and No 5 in 1937
La Fornia
Hollywood, Ca; launched a fragrances
La Fornia
Launched a fragrance in 1930
La Fourniere, Henri
Paris; launched fragrances in c1939
La France Laboratories
Launched Carmosene in 1925
La France Parcel Post Supply Co   Launched La Grande Liquid Poudre de Luxe
La Gourde du Poete
Established by Rosalie Leforestier, perfumer, at 36 avenue de Wagram, Paris; originally called ‘Parfumerie de L’Ètoile’: launched Ambre, Origan and Chypre in c1925 including numerous single flower names not recorded; imported into USA by Rochambeau.
La Grand Perfuy Works (sic)
New York; see Star Perfumery
La Grande Maison de Blanc
Fifth Avenue, New York; a linens store; also at 6 Boulevard des Capucines, Paris France; launched fragrances in the 1930's in associations with Les Parfumeries de Gabilla
La Grange, L
Brussells; launched Horetis, Roma, Violettes Choiseis and Voici des Fleurs in c1930
La Grisi
Paris; launched Chériquito, Mamita and Soir de Printemps in c1935
La Guilbert
New York; launched Lily of the Valley in 1914
La Guirlande Fleurie
Established by Albert-Pierre Picard and Henri Neyrac at 34 rue Santie-Anne, Paris in 1886
La Labo   Launched Muse 25 in 2008
La Lete
New York; launched Chypre, Jasmine, Lavender and Rose in c1926
La Maisón de la Vanille   Niche perfume line with a focus on vanilla-based fragrances. There are two lines: Vanilles du Monde, which includes Vanille Divine des Tropiques, Vanille Givree des Antilles, Vanille Sauvage de Madagascar, Eau Noire du Mexique, and Fleurie de Tahiti; and Arome des Iles, which includes Regliss, Kilikao & Vanili.
La Maison de Lucille   Launched Eau de Canelle Orange and Eau de Vanille in c2005
La Maisón du Parfumeur
Launched Charol and Fleurs de Florence
La Manna, Frank
New York; launched Aux Brises de Flore in 1930, Souvenir in 1939, Lovingly Yours in 1945 and Happy Landing in 1951
La Marche, Pierre
56 rue St Anne, Paris; launched Aux Fleure Elite and White Rose in 1900
La Marie Beautifier
Ottawa; launched a fragrance of the same name in 1930
La Martina
Sports and leisure clothing brand, launched debut fragrance in 2006 in collaboration with perfumers Jean-Christophe Herault and Michel Garnero - Bayres Homme, Bayres Muher, Cuero, La Martina Hombre, La Martina Mujer
La May
A division of Herbert Roystone Inc., New York; launched l’Âme and Je Suis l'Ame in 1920
La Meritol
A division of Meritol Inc. des Moines, Iowa; launched Isa Meritol Perle in 1915, La Meritol in 1930 and La Perla in 1925
La Parfumerie
Launched un Mondé Noveau, Nature's One Gardenia and Nature's One Flower Melon in 1995 and Nature's One Gardenia in 1994, Golden Moments in 1991
La Parfumerie Moderne   Niche brand established by Philippe Neirinck in collaboration with perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato (of Parfum d'Empire). The brand debuted with three fragrances: Cuir X, Désarmant and No Sport in 2014
La Parfumerie Française et l'Art dans la Presentations
The Perfume Industry Book compiled in c1920 and referred to in the 'trade' as 'Le Bible'
La Parisienne
Subsidiary of Parisian Imports Ltd, of Windsor, Ontario; launched fragrances
La Pensée, Henry A
5 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, Paris; art studio, compacts, dolls etc: launched eponymous fragrance, Eau de Cologne Ambrée, Superfin de Violette in 1902
La Perla
Up market lingerie and accessories line; founded by Ada Masotti in 1954 launched their signature fragrance in 1986; the men’s counterpart is known as Grigioperla.
Fragrances were introduced in 1986 with La Perla; acquired by a German cosmetic conglomerate in 2002; now known as La Perla Classic.
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