Parfac Parfums
Launched 'Oh La La' in 1994
Chicago;  launched fragrances in 1946
46 rue de Paradis, Paris, perfumers and cosmetician, one section traded under the name 'Beaucaire'; also created products for other perfumers.
Affiliated to Grenoville after 1923 and acquired Charny Perfumes to handle exports. Associated with de Musset
Parfum d'Empire   Established by perfumer Marc Antoine Corticchiato in 2003. Each fragrance is designed to represent historical empires - signature fragrance 2005
Parfumeria Papera   Launched Tentation in c1920
Parfumerie de la Societe Hygienque du Docteur Cottan
See under 'Cottan'
Parfumerie de L’Ètoile   Established by Rosalie Leforestier, perfumer, at 36 avenue de Wagram, Paris; changed name to 'La Gourde du Poete'.
Parfumerie Distillerie Monaco
Monte Carlo - operative in c1900
Parfumerie Germandrée   The perfumery of Ch Boucher Fils; the postcard was kindly supplied by Michel Boucher, grandson fo the founder of Ch Boushe Fils; taken in 1913. Refer to B chapter 7 page 8 for details
Parfumerie Générale
A Parisian fragrance boutique established by established by Pierre Guillaume
Parfumeries de L'Èsterel
Established by J Massier at Vallauris A.M. France in late 1800's
Parfumerie La Couronne   Launched 'Brise d'Amour'
Parfumerie Paul F. A/B
33 Femminggatan, Stockholm, launched Azymol in 1898
Parfumerie Pavane
New York , launched Pavane in 1923
Parfumerie Persane   Launched Muguet
Parfumerie Pilnacek
Krakow , launched Lanol in 1930
Parfumeries Distributors
Associated with 'Bermuda'
Parfumerie Société la France   Nice; launched a range of fragrances in c1925
Parfumers Palette   Promote education in the art of perfume; launched Bergamot, Patchouli, Rose and Tropical Fruit
Parfumeur de Paris
Launched a fragrances
Parfumeurs Createurs   50% owned by L'Oréal. Own or hold licencee of Agnès B, Daniel Hechter, Gloria Vanderbilt, Harley-Davidson, Kookaï and Slava Zaitsev
Parfumeurs Protzmann Co   Promote education in the art of perfume; launched Bergamot, Patchouli, Rose and Tropical Fruit
Californian company dedicate an entire line of perfumes to the armed forces of the United States of America called The American Line in 2008
Parfums 06130   Niche fragrance line founded by Nicolas Chabert, raised in Grasse by a family of perfumers and designers. The company is named for Grasse’s postal code. Also refer to ' Zero Six Cent-Trente ; launched Cèdre and Yuzu Rouge in 2003 and Lys in 2996. Parfums '06130' in Volume W chapter 7 page 5 for further details
Parfums 137   Subtitled Jeux de Parfums (Perfume Games), Niche French line -established by Alexandre Bigle and Richard Ekert - launched signature fragrances in 2008
Parfums Ailleurs   Owned by Cofinluxe. Launched a range of fragrances in 2007
Parfums Blanchard   Refer to Berdoues, Maison in Volume 'B' chapter 7 page 4 for details
Parfums Bleu Ltd
Berkshire; launched 'Blue Stratos'
Parfums de Cœur   Fargarnces in c2010
Parfums de Grasse   Seeking details
Parfums de la Bastide   Established by a former branding specialist William Bouheret and an ex luxury and fashion industry executive Anne-Cécile Vidal. Showroom in Paria.
Parfums DelRae
Established in 2000 after several years of collaboration between DelRae Roth, a graphic designer located in San Francisco, and perfumer Michel Roudnitska, son of Edmond Roudnitska.
Parfums des Beaux Arts
Launched a range of fragrances developed by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz
Parfums d'Empire   Established by the perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato
Parfums d'Imperfiction
Established by Konstantin Mihov, a German psychology student
Parfums d'Arflor   Launched fragrances in c1920
Parfums MDCI   High-end niche line showcasing the work of well-known perfumers. The fragrances are presented in limited edition, numbered flacons featuring Limoges bisque stoppers.
Parfums International Ltd
Manufacturers and distributors of fragrances.
Part of Elizabeth Arden; own Elizabeth Taylor Perfumes; sold to FFI; still retain Cerruti, Valentino, Lagerfeld and Chloe fragrances
Parfums Jamacia
Launched a range of fragrances
A dime-store, novelty items
Parfums Kremlin   Launched 'Kremlin'
Parfums Lavarenne   Established in Paris in 1948, and became Panouge in 1984
Parfums Nicolas Danila   Paris based - fragrances are 100% without Allergens
Parfums P O Box   Launched P O Box Blue, P O Box Orange, P O Box Purple and P O Box Red
Parfums R   Launched 'Romanoff'
Parfums Zero Six Cent-Trente (06130)   Established by Nicolas Chabert, raised in Grasse by a family of perfumers and designers. The company is named after the Grasse's postal code
Pari Ti Corp
Launched a fragrance in 1942
Paris Bleu
French perfumery; launched a fragrance in 1995
Paris Decorators
Importers of Czech products, bottles etc
Paris Exposition
The Paris Exposition usually refers to the famed 1925 'Exposition Internationale des Arts Dècoratifs et Industrials Moderne' dominated by such French craftsmen as Réne Lalique and Georges Chevalier of Cristalleries de Baccarat.
Paris House, Parfums
New York; launched fragrances from 1941
Paris Laboratories
St Louis, Missouri., launched fragrances in 1930; associated with Countess Maritza
Paris Perfume Co
New York, Jersey City, London and Paris, fragrances launched in 1890's
Paris Toilet Co
Paris; launched a fragrance in 1923
Paris, Miss
Launched a fragrance
Des Moines, Iowa
Parian Imports Ltd
Windsor, Ontario; French fragrances
Paristyle Novelty Co
New York; launched a fragrance in 1929
Park & Tilford
New York, a fragrance and toiletry company
Park Avenue Perfumer Associates
Detroit, MI; launched a fragrance in 1951
Park Avenue Perfumes Co Inc
At corner of Waldorf and 57th Streets, New York; launched Gardenia Corsage, 57th St., Pent House and Waldorf in c1933
Parkdale Perfumeur
Parker Perfumer
Batavia, New York; launched Celestia, Royal Carnation, Royal Red Rose, Royal Violet in c1880
Parker, Sarah Jessica
Star of Sex and the City, is expected to debut her signature fragrance in association with the Lancaster Group, a division of Coty, Inc. in late 2005
Parker, L.M.
Manufacturer of a fragrance for Parfums Bourjois . Launched Christmas in July in 1958
Parker-Bouldin Co
Established by Pricilla Parker in St Paul, MN; launched fragrances
Parkinson, George R
Fragrance manufacturer and group of companies, associate to Schiaparelli.
Katonah, New York; launched fragrances
Parlux Fragrances Inc
Fort Lauderdale, Florida; part of the Parlux manufacturer and international distributor of prestige fragrances
Parlux SA
Established by Daniel de Fasson in Paris; manufacturers and distributors of fine fragrances
Parma, Borsari de
See under Borsari 1870
Parnis, Millie
A designer; launched a fragrance
Parquet, Parfums Paul
Established by the perfumer Paul Parquet; creator of such fragrances as 'Le Parfums Ideal' and 'Cœur de Jeannette' for Houbigant
Parrish, Maxfield
Artist (1870 to 1966), signature 'MP' advertisements for Kerkoff, Colgate etc
Parsons, Hugh   Launched fragrances
Pascal, Jean   Launched Jean Pascal, Quimbaya Femme, Quimbaya Homme in c2005
Pascal, René
France; launched Parvati
Pascale, Anne
Paris; launched a fragrance
Pascale, Jean   Launched eponymous fragrance
Pascall   Launched Hop 6010 in c1920
Pascanet, Alice
Launched a fragrance
Pashana   Launched a fragrance
Paskin, Louis
New York; launched fragrances in 1930's; associated with Pasquier-Constantin of New York
Pasquier et Cie
Paris; launched Fenaison, Fougere, Moquerie and Taimyr in c1940
Pasquier, Michel
Son of founder of Pasquier et Cie; later moved to New York; Launched Belle Marie, Blue Mist, Broadway Melody, French Bouquet, Tobruk and Wall street in c1950
Pasquier, Pierre Q
Ohio; launched Bouquet Merveille and Chypre Fleuri in 1925, Lilas Merveille and Muguet Merveille in 1930
Pasquier-Constantin Inc
Established by Michel Pasquier and a Mr Constantin at 15 West 45th St., New York; launched fragrance in late 1920's in both company's name and own name; associated with Pasquier et Cie of Paris, launched Belle Marie, Galatea, Kilidermon Galatea and Mon Caprice
Paris; launched a fragrance in 1935
Patangi, Parfums
Established by Albert and Laloue Camilli in Grasse, France in c1880
Patanwala, E S
Bombay; launched fragrances in 1977
Paris and India, associated with Miky , launched Jasmin and Salim in c1920, Bhagwan in 1929
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