Price, Dr
See under Steele & Price
Price, Katie
Launched Besotted in 2008, Kissable in 2013, Kissable Fierce in 2014, Stunning in 2007 and Precious Love in 2010
Prichard & Constance
London; used since 1909; launched fragrances
Priess, John L
Chicago, Ill., launched a range of fragrances in c1940
Primal Elements
Established by husband-and-wife partners Faith and Scott Freeman in 1993; a California-based eco-friendly, cutting-edge manufacturer of superior quality soaps, candles, fragrances and body care products utilizing aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and botanical infusions. Launched Perfumers PaintBox - Berry, Perfumers PaintBox - Champagne and Perfumers PaintBox - Vanilla
Primal Mist   Launched Formulӕ Alpha and Formulӕ Beta in 2011
Launched Laser and L’Ére Nouvelle
Primrose House
Subsidiary of Lowell Co. of Lowell, Mass. and New York, launched Chiffon, Flowery Bank, Forget-Me-Not, Petal Barland and Witches Brew in c1940
Prince   Musician formerly known as "the artist formerly known as Prince", in 2007 reverted back to just Princ, launched signature fragarnce 3121 in July 2007
Prince & Co. , Harvey   Launched Ageless Fantasy in 2008 and Eau Flirt in 2009
Prince Alexis N Gagarin
551 Fifth Avenue, New York; launched fragrance in c1935's
Prince Alexis Romanoff
Fishkill, New York; launched Lubler in 1953
Prince de Bourbon
Established by Prince René de Bourbon in New York in 1943; affiliated with Dorelis, launched Flamme d'Amour in 1943
Prince H de Broglie   France; launched Cour de France in 1940
Prince de Chany   Launched fragrances
Prince Henri P d’Orléans   Launched Lys Bleu in 1980, Royalissime in 1997
Prince Douka   Launched Marquay
Prince George of Russia
Established by Maryin de Botelito in New York in c1930; associated with Prince Alexandra de Markoff, launched Elixir, Enigma, Moon Flower and Pierre Tappé
Prince Goblinski
Launched a fragrance
Prince Jardinière   Launched Eau de Prince Jardinière
Prince Matchabelli
Prince Georges V. Matchabelli or Giorgi Machabeli (Georgian: გიორგი მაჩაბელი) (July 23, 1885 - March 31, 1935, buried at Mt Olivet Cem. Queens, NY) ) was a Georgian prince and diplomat; fled Soviet Georgia and immigrated to the United States after the 1921 Bolshevik takeover of Georgia. Established in 1926 at 160 East 56th Street New York; purveyor of luxury perfumes, toiletries and cosmetics. Married Norina Gilli (italian, born in 1888) in 1916; Distinctive colour coded crown-shaped bottles were designed by Norina din the likeness of the Matchabelli crown and were introduced in 1928. Company now owned by Connecticut-based DeCœur Fragrances, associated with Parfums International part of Unilver
Prince Malko
Launched SAS pour Homme in association with Gérard de Villiers
Prince Nicolò Boncompagni Ludovisi
Launched Giove Nettuno Plutone and L'Aurora in 2009
Prince Obolenski   Launched Credo in 1943, Le Parfum Homage in 1946, Bouquet de Fleurs in 1947 and Russian Leather
Princess Marina de Bourbon   Paris, launched Asteria, Acqua di Acqua Homme in 2002, Tendre Reverence in 2014
Princess Ella Karina, Parfums   In association with L-T Piver, launched Carminade in 1928
Princess Eve
New York, affiliated to Whitehall Pharamacal Co., launched Foolish Heart, French Lace, Princess Eve and Zoom all solid fragrances in c1940
Princess Isabelle   Launched eponymous fragrance in 1980
Princess Irene Galitzine   Launched Irene II in c1955
Princess Jelisaveta Karadjordjevic   Launched E in 2002
Princess Marcella Borghèse   A New York fashion house established by Princess Marcella Borghèse; launched a range of beauty products including fragrances from 1960's
Princess Pat Ltd
Established by Lucilee Young in Chicago in c1930; launched a range of cosmetics and fragrances; later traded under the name  'House of Gordon'
Princess Products
Newark, New Jersey; launched Princess Edwina in 1947
Princess Stéphanie de Monaco
Daughter of Prince Ranier of Monaco; launched signature fragrance Stéphanie in association with Bourjois in 1989.
Princess Wallis, Parfums
France; launched Wallis
Princess Zia
Jersey City, a dime-store, launched novelty, launched Clover and Hyacinth s in c1930
Principauté Monaco   Launched Le Parfum de la Principauté n 1960
Principal, Victoria
Actress and model of 1990's; launched White Violet
Prindle & Co, Frank M
New York, importer of Maison Violet fragrances
Pringle of Scotland
Famous for their knitwear, launched Pringle in 2002
Printamp, Luce
Paris; established the department store 'au Printemps'; launched fragrances in own name; alternative spelling 'Printamps'
Printemps de Morhange
France; launched novelty fragrances
Printemps, au
See under 'au Printemps'
Launched signature fragrance of the same name
Prism Parfums   Launched Geminesse in c2015
Private Collection   Launched Joie d’Amour and Les Houres de Soleil
Private Portfolio
Company formed by Coty in 1995 to re-launched their discontinued fragrances, launched Ambre Antique in 1995
Privée Fragrances, Jerome
Privilège, Parfums
New York, launched eponymous fragrance
Prochaska, F
Originally established in Prague; in c1847 moved to Vienna, company divided in 1926 into Edouardo and Proka Parfumerie, name registered in 1927. Launched Astid, Mon Amour, Œillet Royal and Violette Merveillouse in c1915
Proctor & Gamble
Ohio; major manufacturer of toiletries and other household products; the Proctor & Gamble Beauty subsidy ( originally called P&G Cosmetics & Fragrance Products division) renamed P&G Prestige Beauté and based in Switzerland; own Pantene, Lacoste, Olay, Shulton and Santa Fe. In 1991 acquired Max Factor and Elena Betrix from Revlon.
Aquired Rochas from Wella in c2004 and Anna Sui, Christina Aguilera, Baldessarinini, Hugo Boss, Tom Tailor, Escada, Mexx, Naomi Campbell, Dunhill, Jean Patou, Replay, Puma, Santa Fe and Elan Betrix.
Accepted a merger with Coty for 43 of it's beauty brands including Dolce & Gabbana Beauty, Max Factor and Nice & Easy fir $12.5 billion
Profile   A grooming and skincare line for men established by the actoe Rob Lowe, launched their debut fragrance, 18 Amber Wood in 2016
Profumi del Forte
Profumum Roma or Profumum
Niche line established in 1996 by the grandchildren of Celestino and Lucia Durante, who had established a chain of stores featuring hand-made soaps, fragrances - launched Sorriso in 2013
Perfumery chain. Bought Parlux Fragrances - manufacturer of fragrances including Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Nicole Miller and Marc Ecko, in early 2012
Progetti, Cose
Launched Bouquet d'Amour and Miss
Progressive   Launched Solid Edge
Project D
Fashion house of Australian singer & actress Dannii Minogue and designer Tabitha Somerset-Webb; launched debut fragrance Project D in September 2010, Project D Dawn, Project D - Day and Project D Dusk
Proka Parfumerie
Established by F Prochaska, originally of Prague, in Vienna in 1926; also traded under the name Edouardo, launched Original Bouvardia in 1928 and Royale Bouvardia in c1920
Launched Alfène
Promod   Launched Love Les Paillettes Argentées and Love Les Paillettes Dorées in 2014
Launched Fleurs de Micòl in 1996, Giada, Rap and Saturn in c1998 and Micòl in 1991
Pronuptia   Launched eponymous fragrance
Propriety Perfumes Ltd   Launched the 'Califorian Poppy' collection; made by J & E Atlkinson Ltd
Originally of Italy moved to UK in 2004. Launched Proraso Dopobarba
Prot et Cie, Paul
Established by Felix-Andre Prot (1811 to 1885) at 11 rue Royale, Paris in 1873; he succeeded Lubin; his heirs changed name in 1900; one of the most prolific and adventurous perfumers of the 1920’s.
Proteo Profumi, J
A perfumery established by Casanova Proteo in Milan in c1980
Protzmann Co., Parfumeurs
Launched fragrances in 1917
Provence Santé   A line of bath, body and fragrances
Proverbial Inc
Launched Beauty Ravish, Lucid Agony and Pure Deceit in c2004
Providence Perfume Co   Launched fragrances
Proza of Bulgaria   Launched fragrance of same name
Launched eponymous fragrance
Prudhomme, R
Also recorded as 'R Prud Homme'; of Paris and Lyon; launched fragrances in c1900
Prune, Lily   Launched signature fragrance in 2001 in association with Ulric de Varens
Launched Brilliantine
Przemysławka   Launched Prastara
Pucci, Emilio
Established by Marquis Emilio Pucci, fashion designer, originally of leather goods, in Florence 1947; ex ski champion and an MP (Died in 1992).
Signature fragrance launched in 1967.
Purchased by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy in 2000
Puccini   Paris launched 'Extasy'
Pugacheva, Alla Borisovna
(Russian: Алла Борисовна Пугачёва); a Soviet and Russian musical performer - launched Alla in c1991
Puig Parfums, Antonio
Pronounced 'Pooch', leading Spanish perfume and cosmetic company formed in Barcelona in 1914 by Don Antonio Puig, initially imported French perfumes, still run by his sons; first marketed own fragrance in 1925.
Puig Prestige Beauty Brands
Own Nina Ricci (1998) and Lucien Lelong, L’Artisan Parfumeur and Penhaligon's in 2015
Pulse Perfumes and Cosmetics
Perfumery shop opened in St Albans, in December 2005
Pull & Bear   The fashion house. Launched a collection of fragrances under the name of SHOT in 2013
Pulitzer , Lily   Launched Beachy and Squeeze in 2008 and Wink in 2009
Pullen-Richardson Chemical Co
St Louis, Mo; launched fragrances in c1905
Athletic-wear manufacturer established in 1924; fragrances launched in association with Procter & Gamble in c2002.
Pupa, O
Cosmetic and perfumery house owned by the Micys Company, launched fragrances from c1995
Established by Jan Ewoud Vos - a luxury fragrance brand launched in Vienna in 2008
Pure Drug Products Co
Cincinnati, Ohio; launched Marvelo
Lakewood, CA., launched Hob Nail in 1937
Purex Products
Baltimore, M; launched Hysterical in 1944
Puritan Cosmetics
Bartmer, St Louis, Mo., also known as Puritan & Pritan Cosmetics, a division of Puritan Pharmaceutical Co
Puro Lino   Launched a fragrance of the same name
Purun Cosmetic
Launched K.J.M Shower Cologne
Launched fragrances from c2000
Push & Shove
Launched Fuse, Scare, Sin and Tribe in 2007
Pussy Deluxe
Launched fragrance Pussy Deluxe and Pussy Deluxe Velvet in 2007 Owned and license held by Mäurer & Wirtz (2009)
Putman, Andrée
One of the worlds’ leading interior designers (2002); launched a range of fragrances: sub-titled Préparation Parfumée
Pygmy Hippo Shoppe
Los Angeles, created by indie line Smell Bent. Launched Pygmy Hippo Rock in 2013
A division of Improved Packaging Co., launched Rose in 1935
High quality leather goods and accessory company (2000)
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