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The International Perfume Bottle Association (IPBA)

ipba logoThe largest organization worldwide of people who collect and deal in the incredible variety of beautiful containers of perfume: commercials, atomizers, art glass, Czechs, miniatures, Victorian, novelties, and many others.
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shalimarAbout Perfume Intelligence

The Perfume Intelligence Encyclopaedia is a set of 21 'volumes' with a total of over 80,000 entries and more than 13,000 images. New references and images are continually being added.

The encyclopaedia covers:

  • Perfumes Old and New
  • Perfume Bottles, designers and manufacturers
  • Perfume Houses
  • Perfumers
  • Glossary of Perfume Terms
  • Perfume Ephemera - cards, labels (etiquettes) and marketing, including advertising.
We value contributions from our visitors, so if you have information to add or if you spot a problem please contact the PI team. email

The encyclopaedia is easy to use - it's just like reading a book.
Select the volume you want to read from the menu left, then choose a chapter from the list. When the page opens you can scroll down to see the entry you're looking for.
You can change pages, chapters and volumes using the buttons at the top of each page.
Perfume names with a coloured background have an image or images available - click on the name to see the image(s)

The main pages of the encylopaedia show:
  • the perfume name
  • the House that produced it
  • the year it was launched (italics means that the year is estimated) and
  • details about the perfume (where known)
The Perfume Houses pages within each volume give the House's country. Houses shown in blue type mean that a subsidiary page is available which gives an alphabetic list of the perfumes produced.

The Perfumers pages give an alphabetic list of Perfumers. Names in blue type mean there is another page showing their perfumes. (Select 'Perfumers' from the main menu)